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LS - Pal'Lomen - T3 - Final Fugue


Pal'Lomen - T3 - Final Fugue

Zone & Instance Info

Gather Zone: Laurion InnNPC Name: ShalowainNPC Location: Find path (CTRL-F)
Keyword to Enter:ready

Flag & Key Requirements

Zone Flag: NoneEvent Key: NoneGroup Mission: NoneEvent Flags: None  
* Minimum to be Piggy/85'/pushed into raid: No requirement

Brief Event Overview

Allied with Shalowain and other NPCs, raid must stop the advancement of the Rallosian army.

Multi stage event with various fighting locations.  Be prepared to move.

At event start, Rallosian mobs spawn and charge the raid.

Raid has limited time to kill mobs before being teleported to stage two area.  Any remaining adds from stage one will follow.

Once teleported, raid encounters war boars, boar handlers and war wraiths.

Allied NPCs will lead the way to stage three location, where more Rallosian adds will spawn and attack.

Allied NPCs will lead the way to the final stage location where minibosses and raid boss spawn.

Ground auras and emotes come into play during event.


Stage 1: Rallosians; Hex, Warlock, Soldiers, Linebreaker

Kill Hexes and Warlocks first.  They are both indiffent but cast ground auras that need to be avoided.

Assist MA to kill remaining adds.

Stage 2: War Boars, Boar Handlers, War Wraiths

Kill war boars, handlers and war wraiths as they spawn and attack.

Healers and Casters maintain a distance of at least 65' from war wraiths to avoid AE mana drain and silence.

Stage 3: Rallosian Hunters

Kill Rallosian hunters that spawn from underground marketplace and charge the raid, then move to stage four.

Stage 4: Minibosses and Boss

Tight formation.

Melee on Firethorn.

Casters on Darga.

Then assist MA to kill Margator, Yarith, and Captain Kar the Unmovable.

Rangers and Rogues kill Archers.  Archers indifferent; susceptible to headshot/assassinate.

Get out of red Ball of Fire aura (trigger warns).

Players emoted with Hot or Cold Flames - MOVE to designated campfire to dissipate (when opposite flames contact they cancel each other out).

Final Fugue - Event Map:

- MTO be prepared to grab aggro if current MT is hit with Shield Crash
- MTO face Kar away from raid (Frontal AE)

Healers and Paladins:
- Continuous splashing as there are several AE's in effect

MA Kill Order: Darga, Firethorn, Margator, Yarith

That's it for now!

This is a preliminary write up, which will be amended accordingly based on our experiences and feedback provided by our raiders.

* Friendly reminder: Freelance Raid Suggestion Policy regarding New Content - Don't kill the messenger -- Pie Management.

Details of NPCs/Mechanics

Captain Kar the Unmovable

Boss  EmoteWarning-Captain Kar shouts. 'It is time to end this, you pathetic creatures.' -Screams come from the village as Kar the Unmovable approaches. Active-Kar's voice is loud and authoritative, 'Defending those that cannot be bothered to protect themselves is a worthless effort. If that is what you think of your life, you have indeed wasted it. I will be doing a favor for you by ending it now.' HP Lock-Kar roars, pulls his shield from his back, and sets his feet. HP Unlock-Kar is finally distracted by blows to the head and drops his shield.
- Raid has approximately five minutes to kill minibosses before Kar activates

Ball of Fire   Caster AE - 850k HP DD (1000' range, 100' AE range) 3rd Person Emote: The Captain summons flames around Soandso and Soandso. Effect Message: Fire bursts all around you. Note:
            Cold FlamesSingle Target DoT - 15k MANA DRAIN + Alter Vision (1000' range, 36s duration) 1st Person Emote: Cold flames grow and flicker around you. 3rd Person Emote: Hot flames rise around Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. Cold flames rise around Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. 1st Person Emote - Success: You get close to someone burning hot and your cold flames dissipate. Casts Spell on Fade: Snuff Out - Caster AE - 950k HP DD + 15k Mana Drain (1000' range, 1000' AE range)Effect Message: The flames around you flare widely then go out. Note:
            Hot FlamesSingle Target DoT - 650k HP + Alter Vision (1000' range, 36s duration) 1st Person Emote: Hot flames grow and flicker around you. 3rd Person Emote: Hot flames rise around Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. Cold flames rise around Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. 1st Person Emote - Success: You get close to someone burning cold and your hot flames dissipate. Cast on Fade: Snuff Out - Caster AE - 950k HP DD + 15k Mana Drain (1000' range, 1000' AE range) Note:
            Sweeping FlamesFrontal AE DoT - 750k HP (1000' range, 150' AE range, 30s duration) Note:
- Frontal range 300° to 60°
            Shield CrashSingle Target - 750k HP DD + Knockback + Stun (1000' range) Note:
            Reversed StrikeSingle Target - 800k HP DD + Stun (1000' range) Note:


Darga Smasher    Smasher's Hammer - Caster AE - 750k HP DD + Knockback + Stun (1000' range, 75' AE range) Warning Emote: Darga spins her hammer in preparation. Effect Message: A hammer smashes into the ground hammering you with debris.             Primary Shockwave - Single Target DoT - 750k HP + Inhibit Combat (1000' range, 12s duration) Secondary Shockwave - Single Target - 650k HP DD + 25k Mana Drain (1000' range) Tertiary Shockwave - Single Target DoT - 425k HP + 15k Mana Drain + Inhibit Spell Casting (1000' range, 12s duration)       Note:
- Shockwave affects Margator: The shockwave from Darga's hammer hits Margator, but he is able to compensate at this speed.
- Margator state may impact whether subsequent shockwaves occur
            FirethornFirethorns - Self Buff - Increase Damage Shield by 2300 (5m duration) Casts When Hit With Spell: Mindthorns - Single Target - 10k Mana Drain (1000' range) Effect Message: Fire lances through your head as your magic touches Firethorn. Note:
- Indeterminate emotes:
-- Firethorn's eyes glitter with growing power.
-- Firethorn turns stolen energy into defense for his allies.
            Margator the SlowNote:
- Margator affected by Shockwave from Darga Smasher:
-- The shockwave from Darga's hammer hits Margator, but he is able to compensate at this speed.
- Battle Chants:
-- Margator's battle chant speeds up and he begins to move faster than ever.
-- Margator stops his chanting and slows himself down, sending his speed to his allies with a shout.
            Yarith WardbreakerNote:


Various adds spawn throughout event.

  A Rallosian archerFeathered Sky - Single Target DoT - 650k HP + Blind (1000' range, 12s duration) Note:
- Indifferent
- Active|Spawn during Stage 4
        A Rallosian boar handlerInstructive Flagellation - Single Target - 250k HP DD + Stun (1000' range) 1st Person Effect Message: A whip cracks on you. 3rd Person Effect Message: A handler cracks a whip at Soandso Note:
        A Rallosian hexAsh Borer Swarm - Target AE DoT - 25k HP + Mana Drain + 2k Reverse DS + Interrupt Spell Casting (40% chance) + Increase Spell Damage Taken by 10%
(1000' range, 55' AE range, 60s duration) 3rd Person Emote: A hexmaster sends a scout insect to latch onto Soandso Effect Message: Buzzing insects burrow under your skin. Limit Spell: Kar's Explosive Blast - Target AE - 300k HP DD + Knockback (1000' range, 40' AE range) Note:
            A Rallosian hunter-- Note:
        A Rallosian linebreakerUnmitigated Rage - Caster AE - 350k HP DD + Knockback (75' AE range) Effect Message: You are bashed and slashed repeatedly. Note:
        A Rallosian soldierBarbed Net - Caster AE - Root (1000' range, 50' AE range, 18s duration) Effect Message: A barbed net binds you. Note:
        A Rallosian warlockKar's Explosive Blast - Target AE - 300k HP DD + Knockback (1000' range, 40' AE range) 3rd Person Emote: A warlock ignites a flame around Soandso Effect Message: Fire surrounds you and burns you deeply. Note:
        A war boarDeep Laceration - Single Target DoT - 75k HP (1000' range, 18s duration) Effect Message: Teeth slash into you leaving huge, bleeding lacerations. Note:
        A war wraithWar Cry - Target AE - 20k Mana Drain + Inhibit Spell Casting (1000' range, 65' AE range, 6s duration) 3rd Person Emote: A war wraith begins a screeching war cry aimed at Soandso Note:

Start Event

Event is triggered by speaking with Shalowain and saying keyword they come

Shalowain says, 'We seem to have arrived just in time. The Rallosian army have been trampling over everything, but the Empire will not have [Pal'Lomen]! My friends, now is the time we stand up for those that can't stand for themselves. When [they come], and they will come, we must stop them here. If this seems too risky to you, you may wish to [leave].'

Shalowain says, 'Brace yourselves. This is an experienced army, but they did not count on our arrival.'


- Delay The Inevitable
-- Help Shalowain and all of her allies to reach the village alive.

- Speed Limit
-- Do not allow Margator to reach full speed.

- Plucked
-- Do not be hit by the Feathered Sky archery fire while participating in the fight with Captain Kar.


Event Reset:

Some of the Rallosian army were left to their own devices and have gotten past your defense. You have failed to block their progress.


The following are the absolute minimum graphic settings to see auras.  Zoning is required for the changes to take effect.

To make the changes, in game go to Options (ALT-O), Display tab.  On that page there's a Particles area with three little tabs: Spells, Env and Player.

Map Locations

Map file: N/A (right-click, "Save As", and place in EQ maps folder).

Corner Locations:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
Labels submitted by: Soandso

Other labels for group zone:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

Text & Audio Triggers - Mandatory

Everyone  Main Package  2024-04-08 (08:23pm)  - Captain Kar the Unmovable - Ball of Fire - Get Out of Aura
- Captin Kar the Unmovable - Hot and Cold Flames - Move to Campfire (1st Person)
- Captain Kar the Unmovable - Hot and Cold Flames - Success (1st Person)

- Event Start
- Event Reset

Triggers below are toggled OFF by default - Situational usage.


GINA Issues?  Help Below:

If you're new to GINA and/or having issues with importing/enabling our trigger files, please read Ssark's GINA Manual.  If you're still having issues after following Ssark's guide, reply to the Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA thread located in the Raiders Essentials section of our forums, and we'll work to resolve the issue(s).


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