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LS - Unkempt Woods - T3 - The Artisan and the Druid


The Unkempt Woods - T3 - The Artisan and the Druid

Zone & Instance Info

Gather Zone: Laurion InnNPC Name: Thornel GrayleafNPC Location: Find path (CTRL-F)
Keyword to Enter:Click Door 4

Flag & Key Requirements

Zone Flag: NoneEvent Key: NoneGroup Mission: NoneEvent Flags: None * Minimum to be Piggy/85'/pushed into raid: No requirement

Brief Event Overview

Stage 1: Assault Troopers and Spotters

Protect the Elddar camp from incoming attacks.  If too many Elddar are killed, event resets.

Players who venture out may be spotted and targeted for damage.

Assault Trooper waves spawn at a distance and charge toward the Elddar camp.

Prevent War Wasps from swarming the raid.

Stage 2: Ogna, the Artisan of War -- Jangle, catapults and other adds

Disable catapults from launching attacks on the Elddar camp.

Jangle casts a frontal beam that will knock players off the plateau.

Jangle provides weapons for Ogna.

Adds spawn throughout event.

Protect the raid from the effects of Sticky Tick Tocker.

Jangle seals the area and casts Haze Bomb.


Stage 1: Assault Troopers

At event start, raid is summoned to the Elddar camp.

Trackers - Locate and max range kill Spotters.

Kill Assault Trooper waves.  First wave spawns at event start, followed by two more waves three minutes apart.

Players emoted with War Wasps run away from raid until buff fades, minimum 500 steps.

Once add waves are dead, move northwest to stage two plateau area using the Lev Up map label.

Stage 2: Ogna, the Artisan of War -- Jangle, catapults and other adds

Stay mounted for this portion of event.

Assigned group take out the four catapults as well as the indifferent adds surrounding them.

MT position Ognar in the center of the three weapon racks.  Ognar will tether and reset to full HP if moved past the weapon racks.

Adds spawn at Ogna HP percentages.

Use Efreeti Carpet mount to prevent being knocked off plateau from Jangle's knockback AE.

Jangle Axe Toss - Stack on Ogna to share damage with raid (trigger warns).

Sticky Tick Tocker - Use Rune clicky when emote fires to avoid massive AE damage to raid.

When Jangle seals the area and calls out defective unit number, move into the vacant space to avoid Haze Bomb.

Event Area Map for Stage 2:

In-game locations and map file available in Map Locations area of post.

Haze Bomb Unit Grid:

- Position Ogna in center of three weapon racks
- Add Tanks stack mobs on Ogna

- Splash through damage caused by Haze Bomb

MA Kill Order: Catapults, Adds, Ogna

That's it for now!

This is a preliminary write up, which will be amended accordingly based on our experiences and feedback provided by our raiders.

* Friendly reminder: Freelance Raid Suggestion Policy regarding New Content - Don't kill the messenger -- Pie Management.

Details of NPCs/Mechanics

Ogna, Artisan of War

Sticky Tick Tocker   Single Target (30s duration) 1st Person Emote: A small ticking device clings to your soft skin. Cast on Success: Mended Skin - Caster AE - 100k Heal (1000' range, 200' AE range) Cast on Fade: Tick Tock Boom - Target AE - 750k HP DD (1000' range, 100' AE range) Effect Message: The tick tocker explodes. Note:
- Cast rune to protect
            Igniting Shock   Single Target - 575k HP DD (1000' range) 1st Person Effect Message: You are zapped. Note:


Defective Unit Emotes:

Jangle shouts, 'What made unit one's fuse stop? I guess that one won't pop.'
Jangle shouts, 'Looks like a high failure rate, that unit two is just not great.'
Jangle shouts, 'Unit three was not made by me!'
Jangle shouts, 'Unit four was always very poor.'
Jangle shouts, 'That fifth unit isn't gonna do it.'
Jangle shouts, 'Darn that unit six! That's one I need to fix.'
Jangle shouts, 'Seven always unlucky. That unit was always yucky.'
Jangle shouts, 'Well, unit eight doesn't seem to work so great.'
Jangle shouts, 'Unit nine is not mine!'

Haze Bomb   Caster AE DoT - 450k HP + Mana Drain + Increase Spell Damage Taken by 175% + Inhibit Defensive and Offensive Abilities + Alter Vision (1000' range, 80' AE range, 60s duration) Limit Spell: Igniting Shock - Single Target - 575k HP DD (1000' range) Note:
- Occurs when Jangle is about to unseal the area
            Wind Burst   Caster Frontal AE - 100k HP DD + KNOCKBACK (1000' range, 80' AE range, 60s duration) Warning Emote: Jangle appears, waving his arms and chanting, 'Make the winds blow and away you will go!' Note:
- Use Mounts to mitigate knockback
            Debarred   Caster AE - Inhibit Levitate (1000' range, 600' AE range, 30s duration) 1st Person Effect Message: Your ability to leave the ground under your own power is gone. Note:


an assault tropper   War Wasps - Single Target - 325k HP DoT + 5k Mana Drain (duration 84s) 1st Person Emote: Wasps, slightly glowing with magic, swarm over you. 3rd Person Emote: Wasps swarm toward Soandso.         Honey Bomb -  Caster AE - 35k HP DD (range 200) 1st Person Effect Message: Hot honey splatters you, immediately cooling. Success Emote: The honey splashes over people, but no wasps are near to notice. Failure Emote: Wasps swarm from their current host and multiply in number. They rush toward Soandso, Soandso, ..., and Soandso.         Note:
- Spawns during initial add waves
- 1st and 2nd Wave Emote: War horns sound from somewhere in the forest.
- 3rd Wave Emote: War horns sound from somewhere in the forest. These must be the last assault troops available to the Rallosians right now.
- War Wasps cancel when player moves 500 steps
- Players have 15s to run away when emoted with War Wasps before Honey Bomb is cast
        a soldier   -- Note:
        a spotter   Explosive Payload - Target AE - 750k HP DD (range 10000, AE range 150) 1st Person Emote: You sense the light touch of magic being placed on you. You feel... Seen. Note:
- Indifferent
- Scattered throughout the zone close to event areas
        a lobber crewmember   -- Note:
- Indifferent
- Located at catapults
        a warcrafter   -- Note:
- Indifferent
- Located at catapults

Start Event

Event is triggered by keyword, speaking with Thornel Grayleaf and using keyword ready.

Thornel Grayleaf says, 'Welcome, friends. You have arrived just in time, I hope. The Rallosian army is setting up their siege weaponry. They are certainly preparing a full-scale attack on this camp. We are considering leaving, but that option isn't really open either. The enemy has set up spotters in the woods. Every time we try to move, the catapults they already have up fire on us with disturbing accuracy. It is time for us to find [another way]. If this fight is not for you, I can help you [leave] if you wish.'

Thornel Grayleaf says, 'Well, I am thinking about a direct assault. It's certainly dangerous, but staying here will soon be more dangerous.  If we can destroy their siege weapons, we can at least escape. That, however, isn't my goal here. My desire is to end this, to drive them back onto their boats and out of my forest.'

Dagnor Butcherblock says, 'That's a nice plan, lad. But there's more to it than that and you know it. They will send assault teams to pick off anyone that flees their catapults, or even drive right into the camp if they ken and kill us themselves. Ask him what he [plans] ta do 'bout that?'

Thornel Grayleaf says, 'It's not complicated, my friend. We deal with the assault forces as we move toward the catapults. It's just more steps in a simple plan. 'Thornel smiles at you from what seems an endless well of hope. 'We don't have long to prepare, so let me know when you are [ready], and we can go.'

Thornel Grayleaf says, 'Good, good. No time to spare, let's be off. I'll trust to your instincts when it comes to fighting. I'll stay here and try to help these people.'


- Keep Your Friends Close
-- Ensure that Ogna's axe always has its impact blunted by at least 15 people.

- Safe At Camp
-- Allow no harm to be done to the Elddar camp.

- No Ignition
-- Nobody with Haze Bomb is hit by Igniting Shock.


Event Reset:

Too many Elddar have been killed in the camp. The memory fades and reforms.


The following are the absolute minimum graphic settings to see auras.  Zoning is required for the changes to take effect.

To make the changes, in game go to Options (ALT-O), Display tab.  On that page there's a Particles area with three little tabs: Spells, Env and Player.

Map Locations

Map file: unkemptwoods_2.txt (right-click, "Save As", and place in EQ maps folder).

Lev Up Location:

--- Code: ---P -378.3777, 990.1445, -118.0719,  0, 0, 0,  2,  Lev_Up

--- End code ---

Catapult Locations:

--- Code: ---P 947.1653, -39.5809, 89.5604,  0, 240, 240,  3,  Catapult
P 694.9205, 333.9146, 56.3785,  0, 240, 240,  3,  Catapult
P 409.1336, 445.1003, 17.8487,  0, 240, 240,  3,  Catapult
P 377.3935, 748.0842, 16.2233,  0, 240, 240,  3,  Catapult

--- End code ---

Weapon Rack Locations:

--- Code: ---P 719.5648, 102.0832, 56.7694,  0, 127, 127,  3,  Weapon_Rack
P 479.0668, 100.9484, 37.6547,  0, 127, 127,  3,  Weapon_Rack
P 479.1955, 401.3884, 23.7879,  0, 127, 127,  3,  Weapon_Rack

--- End code ---

Text & Audio Triggers - Mandatory

Everyone  Main Package  2024-05-09 (11:54am)  - Add Spawn - Assault Troopers
- Add Spawn - Soldiers

- Assault Trooper - Wasp Swarm - Run Away (1st Person)
- Honey Bomb - Failure - Splash
- Honey Bomb - Success - Safe to Return
- Jangle - Axe to Ogna - Stack on Boss
- Ogna - Sticky Tick Tocker - Cast Rune (1st Person)

- Jangle - Unit One - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Two - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Three - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Four - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Five - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Six - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Seven - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Eight - Move to Location
- Jangle - Unit Nine - Move to Location

- Event Reset
- Event Start

(addon)  Enchanters  2024-03-19 (02:27pm)  - Ogna, Artisan of War - Cast - Sticky Tick Tocker

Triggers below are toggled OFF by default - Situational usage.


GINA Issues?  Help Below:

If you're new to GINA and/or having issues with importing/enabling our trigger files, please read Ssark's GINA Manual.  If you're still having issues after following Ssark's guide, reply to the Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA thread located in the Raiders Essentials section of our forums, and we'll work to resolve the issue(s).

Thursday, May 09, 2024 - Update

Strategy post updated.

Everyone trigger package updated.

OKAY TO MERGE WITH EXISTING TRIGGER PACKAGE "Unkempt Woods - The Artisan and the Druid - Everyone"

See everyone in-game! :)


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