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SK DPS - Brenlaven style


How Brenlaven does DPS
Some have asked for Brenlaven's spell here is a general overview of how Brenlaven "tanks" (really does DPS) on raids.

Gimamam normally beats Brenlaven on parses and he has different information all of us could learn from...this is what Brenlaven does...but check out Gimamam's post on SK DPS here...

Start with the fact Brenlaven is not a good SK. There are better SKs all across the game...just ask them...they will tell all of this is just Brenlaven's understanding of SK DPS.
Different types of SKs

There seems to be three broad play styles for SKs: The Aggro is King SK, the DoTs Rule SK, and the Lifetaps Rule SK. None of these play styles is necessarily wrong...just different.

* The Aggro is King SK.  These SKs typically use terrors and ae aggro abilities to hold aggro on the boss.  AE aggro can include Deceitful Deflection ae lifetap, Distasteful Bargin ae nuke, or Disgust ae aggro in addition to the ae aggro AA's. They think lifetaps are for patch heeling and thus are used only when needed...leaving it to the heelerz to keep them alive.
* The DoTs Rule SK. These SKs prefer DoTs for DPS. They use DoTs and either lean toward Aggro is King or Lifetaps Rule style. Basically, they use DoTs and either build aggro with terrors or they lifetap as needed between keeping DoTs going.
* The Lifetaps Rule SK.  These SKs believe in lifetaps as DPS.  They may use some DoTs and/or terrors but the main spell usage is lifetaps.The Nuts and Bolts
Brenlaven is a Lifetaps Rule SK.  By looking at Furro's parse information it becomes clear Brenlaven is a Lifetaps Rule SK.  Below is an outline of Brenlaven's setup on raids.  For raids where no disease/corruption are allowed some spells change.  Brenlaven rarely uses a 2 hand weapon...and never on a all of this is with 1 hand/shield.

Here are the spells Brenlaven normally has loaded on raids:

Furro expects specific debuffs to be cast on raids.  The current SK debuffs are Torrent of Hate, Dire Strangulation, and Torrent of Misery.

* Torrent of Misery - is an AC group boost/reduces the mobs AC and is a raid debuff.
* Bond of Bonemaw - is a DoT heel...self heeling FTW!
* Dire Strangulation - is a DoT raid debuff...commonly assigned to Brenlaven.
* Spear of Vizat - is a nuke.
* Dichotomic Fang - is a huge lifetap.
* Impose for Power - is a self AC boost.
* Touch of Falsin - is a lifetap.
* Vizat's Skin - is a buff to absorb damage.
* Terror of Narus - is an aggro spell.
* Staunch Stance - is a self HP boost.
* Dire Declaration - is a big lifetap.
* Touch of Lutzen - is a lifetap.As you can see there are only two DoTs and one is only loaded because it is a raid requirement.

The key to Brenlaven's DPS is multibind

Pure and simple...multibind is how Brenlaven produces so much DPS.  A multibind comes in two main forms...some people map spell gems to a single key while others map hotbars to a single key. Both work but Brenlaven prefers the hotbar setup because it allows for different setups by simply switching a hotbar page.

To multibind spell gems put the same letter in the Keypress OR Alternate column.

To multibind a hotbar pick a hotbar and put a letter in the Keypress column. Note that ALL pages of the hotbar will use the letter you choose.

Once you have the hotbar multibind setup then pick the spells and anything else you need in the proper button locations.

On this hotbar there is one social then Spear of Vizat, Dichotomic Fang, Dire Declaration, Touch of Luzten, Touch of Falsin, Bond of Bonemaw, Dire Strangulation, and Torrent of Misery.

The order of the spells is important. Lag can impact how effective your multibind too. In the above list it is nearly impossible for Brenlaven to cast Torrent of Misery given the spell refresh times of all the spells before Torrent of Misery is simply in the hotbar to make it easier to click to cast.

The social is a 'mash' key that does these abilities/discs: Repel, Bash, Vicious Bite of Chaos, Banestrike, and Lacerating Blade.

To DPS just mash the key selected over and over and over...the "N" key for Brenlaven.


Over time Gimamam and Brenlaven have discussed burns and tried various different setups. Currently Brenlaven's burn hotkey is this...and is different than Gimamam's and other real SKs.

On a burn call Brenlaven will usually use Glyph of the Cataclysm then hit the hotkey above...which will cause him to gain instant aggro on the boss so use Shield Flash (if necessary) to let the MTO time to get the boss back...and if needed FD to drop it back on the MTO.

NOTE: Since you can gain aggro hitting this hotkey never use a 2 hand weapon with this hotkey.

That is basically it for Brenlaven DPS...if you have different setups or different ideas share them.  If you want to claim this is a bad setup then just start beating me on the parses (and share your setup here) we can all learn the right way to DPS.

Tanking a mob is only slightly different...usually no burns...more use of defensive disciplines and clickies...but the spells cast are the same...lifetaps. Maybe another post on how Brenlaven tanks will be done in the future

Are we raiding PoWarrior tonight?


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