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Tank Assignments - General Overview

Freelance gets very detailed tanking assignments. Furro will list the tanks and the mobs they are to tank. The order tanks are listed is the expected order they will step up to tank the boss.  Add tanks are also listed in the expected order to tank adds.

The MTO is pretty basic...the list of tanks on the boss.  Add tanks can be different for each event and thus a bit more complicated. But there is a common theme in the tank orders....Tanks go IN ORDER LISTED.

In general, there are three ways that adds are handled for tanking...

Option 1 - by number (cleansing_steam00, cleansing_steam01, etc.)
Option 2 - by ETW (Bren - ETW1, Endo, - ETW2, etc.)
Option 3 - AE aggro (with implied ETW order)

Option 1 - Sometimes it is possible to have a hotkey with a name of the mob to tank.  The cleansing_steam00 example. This does not always work because mobs spawn during the event or waves with random name can spawn, etc. therefore we use Option 2.

Option 2 - Sometimes it is necessary to simply assign a tank to an ETW slot because the names are random or spawn during the event.  Stem of Tides is a recent example of ETW assignments. It is important to understand that if the assignment lists a tank as ETW1 that simply means the FIRST add in the ETW in Stem of Tides the tanks could have the boss in ETW 1 so the "first" mob is really in ETW2.  If this is confusing to you please ask someone to help explain it BEFORE the event.

Option 3 - AE aggro simply means the adds spawn in waves and the names are random and it is just easier to AE aggro them and tanks pick up adds.  This is the hardest way of handling adds and should only be done where necessary.  Even with AE aggroing it is possible for tanks to have ETW targeting assignments to help pick up adds and make sure a tank does not have too many on them.  The TBM raid Enslaver is an example of this for the first stage adds.  Tanks could work out ETW slots but the adds need to be picked up ASAP so AE aggro is used to keep them off DPS.  The tanks just have to aggro the ETW slot they are responsible for to help keep the other tanks alive.

Single Boss MTO

The list can look like this in tank channel or rsay:

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Emollious MTO: Brenlaven, Owmy, Endotron  RT Riprobin ]- Brenlaven (+mt), Owmy (+mt), Endotron, (+mt), Riprobin (+rt)'

This is a normal MTO line. The tanks are listed in order of tanking. Tanks go IN ORDER LISTED.  Everyone seems to have this down clearly.

Single Boss MTO and multiple Mini tanks

On other events there are more assignments...possibly mini tanks or a MTO order for two Grummus has mini tanks...

Furro tells FLtanks:3, '-[ Grummus MTO: Riprobin, Minasu, Zarake RT Mystery healer ]- Zenyan (+mh), Dimerall (+mh), Baghdaddy (+mh), Rhyslin (+sym/rb), Pikell (+mh), Twoma (+slow&growth/m), Mysteryhealer (+rt), Riprobin (+mt), Minasu (+mt), Zarake (+mt)'

Furro tells FLtanks:3, '-[ Minis - Feroxide: Meedo, Endo: Raddi, Owmy: Qezzin, Bren: Pzo ]- Feroxide (+at), Owmy (+at), Brenlaven (+at), Endotron (+at)'

Again the MTO is pretty clear...but the adds sometimes people get confused on which tank is with which add.  The list has a tank then a ':' then the mob.  So reading this it would be:

Feroxide: Meedo
Endo: Raddi
Owmy: Qezzin
Bren: Pzo

It is very important to ask BEFORE engage if you are not clear as a tank which mob you have...ask in tank channel, your group, via a tell, or in FLRaids.  Guessing is not good for anyone.

Single Boss MTO, multiple Mini tanks, and multiple adds (non-specific)

This is an example from the TBM Enslaver raid...

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Boss MTO Zarake, Blaqheart, Riprobin ]- Riprobin (+mt), Zarake (+mt), Blaqheart (+mt), Furro (+sym/rb), Windreaper (+mh), Doramurx (+sh)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Adds ]- Brenlaven (+at), Endotron (+at), Slayinsin (+at), Feroxide (+at), Maglor (+at), Doramurx (+at), Luthernhamner (+at), Drexlyn (+at), Exuo (+at)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Haunting miniboss Drexlyn, Brenlaven ]- Drexlyn (+at), Brenlaven (+at), Karric (+mh), Rhyslin (+mh), Luthernhamner (+sh)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Brutal miniboss Endotron, Slayinsin ]- Endotron (+at), Slayinsin (+at), Zenyan (+sym/rb), Toransa (+mh), Raccoo (+mh)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Voracious miniboss Exuo, Minasu ]- Exuo (+at), Minasu (+at), Slayinsin (+sh), Twoma (+growth/m), Pikell (+mh), Feroxide (+sh)'

The Boss MTO is like normal.

The Adds are AE aggro'd with tanks in the list picking up adds. There may not be a specific ETW assignment made by Furro...but there is nothing stopping the add tanks from working out an informal order. "Slayinsin tells FLTanks, I have ETW 3 add" could be an example so the other tanks know that slot is covered. Tanks should pick ETW slots IN ORDER LISTED to avoid confusion. Tanks that have lots of mobs should use the "have lots on me!" hotkey all tanks are suppose to have setup.

The Mini tank order is expected to be like a MTO order. Tanks go IN ORDER LISTED.

Single Boss MTO and multiple adds (specific assignments)

Finally, there are examples where there is a boss MTO and various sets of add tanks. Like on Grannus...

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Grannus MTO: Zarake, Minasu ]- Zarake (+mt), Minasu (+mt), Zenyan (+sym/rb), Raccoo (+growth&slow/m)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Adds: Golems (a_soother##, put NW corner) Doramurx, Hardaen, Maglor ]- Maglor (+at), Doramurx (+at), Hardaen (+at)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Adds: Steams (cleansing_steam##, put NE corner), Owmy, Bren, Endo ]- Brenlaven (+at), Endotron (+at), Owmy (+at), Feroxide (+mh)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ CC - MEZ Oozes SW corner (a_pool_of_radiance) ]- Riprobin (+special), Leazer (+special), Luthernhamner (+special), Pikell (+mh)'

In this case...there are multiple sets of adds.  Each set of adds have a list of add tanks.  The tank names will be assigned IN ORDER LISTED.

Owmy - cleansing_steam00
Bren - cleansing_steam01
Endo - cleansing_steam02

The tanks MUST COMMUNICATE about the assignments. If there is any confusion speak up...BEFORE engage.  Ask in tank channel, group, via tells, even in FLraids if you must...but get clear about the assignments.

Single Boss MTO and multiple adds (non-specific)

Here is an example from TBM High Bokon Boromas with Boss MTO and unassigned adds...

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Boss MTO Minasu, Blaqheart, Zarake ]- Minasu (+mt), Blaqheart (+mt), Zarake (+mt), Doramurx (+sh), Feroxide (+sh)'

Furro tells the raid,  '-[ Adds ]- Brenlaven (+at), Endotron (+at), Riprobin (+at), Drexlyn (+at), Leazer (+at), Luthernhamner (+at), Maglor (+at), Slayinsin (+at), Deadjester (+at), Exuo (+at)'

The Boss MTO is normal but the adds are AE aggro adds.  Again, there is no reason the add tanks can't work out informal ETW slots since the adds are random names and in waves. AE aggro is used to keep them off DPS. Tanks should pick ETW slots IN ORDER LISTED to avoid confusion. Tanks that have lots of mobs should use the "have lots on me!" hotkey all tanks are suppose to have setup.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that handling the boss and adds is key to winning any raid.  The Boss has to be handled for the raid to kill the boss to win the raid. The adds have to be handled so the raid can kill the boss/adds to win the raid. Normally, handling the boss and adds is the job of the tanks. Do not let the raid down by not communicating (and being clear) about assignments.

* If you are unclear on how the raid the strat page then ask questions.

* If you are unclear on your assignment as a the strat page then ask questions.

* Furro will delay the raid to get it clear but he has to MAKE IT KNOWN if you are unclear about your assignment!

* Ask in your group, tank channel, via tells, in FLRaids...just ask.

* In most cases...add tanks go IN ORDER LISTED.

There are times when a tank may not know if they have the right spelling or number for an add in a targeting hotkey.  This can be cleared up if the hotkey is spammed to the tank channel.

To spam a hotkey target line simply add the tank channel number to the target line in your hotkey.  Press the target key...make sure it is correct...then remove the tank channel number from the hotkey.

An example...using Brenlaven's hotkey for Grannus cleansing steam00 add...

Normal hotkey contains:

LINE 1: /tar cleansing_steam00
LINE 2 - 4: blank
LINE 5: /attack on

Send to tank channel hotkey contains (again using Brenlaven's hotkey for Grannus cleansing steam00 add as an example):

LINE 1: /3 /tar cleansing_steam00
LINE 2 - 4: blank
LINE 5: /attack on

Channel /3 is FLTanks for the targeting line is sent to the tank channel.

This is the hotkey to target cleansing_steam00:

If there was confusion on the number or spelling for the mob it would be changed to this:

Then the hotkey would be pressed...showing up in the tank channel.  Once someone else in the channel confirms the spelling and/or number the target line is changed back to normal.

This should be a common practice if there are questions on hotkeys.  The target line can be sent to the tanking channel or group or even via a tell if needed...but tank channel is best.


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