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Always be casting.
You have tools to do a lot of things, you have near limitless mana recuperation capabilities, you should never be idle during an event.
You should place high priority on getting your epic 2.0. It is the best adps we can give our melee groups.
You should place high priority on getting your rez clicky (Staff of Forbidden Rites). It is infinitely better than using Call of the Wild to revive players.

Extended Target Window

Scanning your Extended Target Window is very important, with a life saving snappy heal, rez, call, buff etc you can make a difference. Suggested setup below (again, there are other UI walkthroughs on these forums to help you with this UI setup, see:

Recommended ETW setup:

* First slot for MA target (/xtar set 1 raidassist1target)

* Next few slots for tank group clerics, other critical healers, essential DPS/MA or event specific players.
* Remaining slots for Main and Add Tanks
Self Survival

Prebuff yourself with Attentive Spirit (Level 112 COV) and Preincarnation (Level 80 SOF)
You can use the Preincarnation AA under Archetype IF you have any of the ranks of Preincarnation scribed. (see self rebuff hotkey for alt activation code).

Keep your Spirit of Renewal on yourself and group constantly, as well as Ecliptic Roar, and use your Spiritual Shower & Recourse liberally. I frequently target myself with Spiritual Shower because there is no worry of not having line of sight with target.

AE Healing

Spiritual Showering
You should be casting this alot.
This is a great spell for helping to keep meleers/tanks alive. You need line of sight of your target to cast. You can target MA, mob, MTO, a group member, yourself, your pet, or a corpse. You always have LOS with yourself though, so it is the best bet for landing a splash.

Gelid Gift
Gives your next two heals twincasts.
I mostly use this with Spiritual Shower to boost its healing power. Instead of 3 splashes, you will get 6 splashes from Spiritual Shower.
This is changed on Test as of 2024/02/13, no longer will you be able to twincast rain heals.

Ancient Coalition

--- Quote ---    Forms an ancient alliance over your target, placing a healing rain over them when other Shaman, Cleric, or Druid heals (between levels 106 and 125, with a minimum healing value of 6000) land on that target for up to 2m (20 Ticks). If 120 heals are received in that time, it will trigger a fulmination consisting of an even larger healing rain.
--- End quote ---

    Should definitely be kept up on MTO.
    Once every 1.5 seconds a direct heal of at least 6k base from Druids/Clerics/Shaman will proc a 14k AE Heal from the tank.
    The spell procs the same AE heal when it is initially cast on the target. This requires line of sight with your target.
    If another priest casts a higher rank than is already buffed, their's will overwrite. Rk II will overwrite Rk I. III will overwrite both II and I.
    Spiritual Shower doesn't work to proc the AE heals, or lower the 120 counter.
    ‚óŹ   Trigger for Priest Alliance worn off

Call of the Ancients
Lasts for 5 minutes, AE heals 8.5k for everyone in range of your ward. Druids and Clerics have similar wards that stack with each other

Main Healing

I use 2-4 of the Reckless line spells (Reckless Resurgence, Reckless Renewal, Reckless Rejuvenation, Reckless Reinvigoration) along with Spiritual Shower.

Never never never use the single target direct mending heals (ie Matlock's Mending).
Their casting time is much slower than the Reckless line. Reckless line is also more HP healed.

Using a multibind to cast spells quicker.
Spiritual Shower, Reckless, Reckless on the hotbar in that order.
Pressing E repeatedly to spam splash, and spam 2 more heals on the MT.
If someone asks for a buff/rez/call, during spamming, I find it best to switch and cast right after the Spiritual Squal cast, so there are a couple more heals hitting while I'm casting something else.

Group Healing

Spirit of Renewal
Maintain this HoT on your group during tough events (especially if there are AEs). It can be twincast with Fleeting Spirit.
With Luminary's Synergy this has a chance to add even more healing to your group, giving us even more incentive to keep this up during raids.

Ecliptic Roar
This HoT stacks with your Renewal line, but is on the same spellslot as regen, so it overwrites regen and is BLOCKED by quite a few DoTs from older raid mobs.

__________'s Recourse
Quick group heal with recourse heal. Use this one first for saving group members. Can cycle cast of this if many AEs are coming, it has several stages of healing, almost like a HOT.

__________ Intervention
Quicker group heal with longer refresh.

Soothsayer's Intervention
AA that casts the spell Intervention. Has longer refresh but is instant cast.

Forceful Rejuvenation
Save this for when your group heals are down and you need them immediately.

Shaman chest clicky
Clicky group heal with 10 minute refresh. Every Shaman chest in the past few expansions has the same function, with more recent having better heals.

Ancestral Guardian Spirit
This AA gives a buff on target, that casts a big HoT when they go under 50% health. Cast this on Berzerkers, Rogues, or others who like to take dirtnaps often.

Small Manisi Branch
This item is the reward for The Foretold Hour achievement. It gives you an item that priests can convert into an item with direct heal for 40-80k, mana-free every 2 minutes.

Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer or Jeweled Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer
The clicky is on the same timer as the Manisi Branch.
The regular hammer gives the same 40k heal, and the Jeweled upgrade gives 50k base, both of which can crit.
This item is the reward for a quest that begins in Veeshan's Peak. It can be upgraded to Jeweled with a Flawless Diamond from a ROS raid chest.

Battle Rez

It is essential to know when, who, and with what to battle rez.

First, I send out rezzes right after doing a splash heal, or group heal to help keep my group/immediate players alive while casting something other than a heal.

Who to rez first.
The next decision is who gets priority if more than 1 person is dead. Other healers, especially those you know will help rez/heal others and won't just die as soon as they are rezzed. Next tanks if there are untanked mobs and again, go with the tank that has the best survival rate. Other essential players if needed for a specific task on the raid would come next, or maybe before tanks if the mobs are all tanked. Then I rez players in my group, based on survival and whether they will take a rez quickly.

I also have a gina trigger that alerts when someone nearby is slain. (Has been slain)

What to use.
When rezzing in, it is best to use Staff of Forbidden Rites. If you don't have one. Get one. If you need help unlocking it, ask people. It is worth bugging people endlessly to get it unlocked, and you can now buy the Brews with Overseer Tetras. Once you have this you can save raids like crazy with battle rezzes. Call of the Wild is a secondary rez ability, but not nearly as powerful as the Staff clicky. I use CotW mainly on classes that have trouble regaining mana (druids/rangers/beastlords/bards) because they usually gain a small amount.

Make a hotkey.
I posted the hotkey I use. I suggest everyone use the same hotkeys so that people being rezzed know that the rez is incoming, and don't zone, and also other priests around the corpse know that they can divert rezzes to other players if needed.

Staff of Forbidden Rites
Casting time 1.0. Recast time 30 seconds.
90% rez. This can be used in combat, during raid events. Quicker casting and recast time than Call of the Wild.
This is the second most important item for shaman after epic 2.0.

Call of the Wild
Casting time 3.0. Recast time 2 minutes.
This is a rez-like ability to return players to their corpses. This can be used in combat, during raid events.
I would highly recommend not using this if you can help it.
It does have a possible benefit, people who are called will retain the mana/endurance they have at the time they are called. So if someone went to bind and medded up, they could come back into the fight with their mana.

Rejuvenation of Spirit
96% rez. This cannot be used during combat. Have to wait 5 minutes after raid combat to use. It's useless for battle rezzes.

Assist DPS

It is important that you note where your group members are, so they receive your ADPS. I usually keep my map sized down so I can see where my group members are for this reason.

Blessed Spiritstaff of the Heyokah
* Our most important ADPS, click often unless holding for big burn
* Increase Critical Damage by 110% with All Skills
* Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 65% with All Skills
* Three minute refresh
* Pair with bard's epic for best results
* Hotkey has Spirit of Cheetah, in case anyone needs runspeed.
* Epic trigger
Shaman Spire

All three spires are now combined into one. Make sure you update the alt activation code (it has changed to /alt act 1490)
You will get a Spire (self buff), and you and your group will get the Apex (group buff) as well.

Spire of Ancestors XII (Self only)
* Increases total healing of all your instant-duration spells and abilities by 4000 points.
* Increases the chance that your damage over time spells will deal critical damage by 30%.Apex of Ancestors IV (Group)
* Increase Proc Modifier by 25%
* Increase Accuracy by 60%
* Increase All Skills Minimum Damage Modifier by 45%
* Use on burn call. Pair with Ancestral Aid MGB/TB.

Ancestral Aid            24K Heal over time.
Instant cast. This stacks with Spirit of Renewal, Epic, Ecliptic Roar, etc. Hit Tranquil Blessings before engage, and try to space them out, coordinate with other shaman.
Also make a hotkey for MGB + Ancestral Aid for a second click when it repops.

Coordinating Ancestral Aid
            It seems to work best if you have one shaman coordinating the timing of Ancestral Aid clicks. I've made buttons for each shaman in the lineup so I can click and send them a tell letting them know it is time for their AA, and also tells the channel who is up.

Ecliptic Roar
Permanent spell slot for this one, keep recasting whenever it refreshes for a powerful melee proc and group HoT.
Don't ever mem Talisman of the Manul. Better yet, don't buy the spell.

There is two things to consider when determining whether to use Composite or Ecliptic. 1, is your Composite equal or greater in power than your Ecliptic? If it is equal or greater then you'll want to stick with Composite, because Ecliptic costs more mana.
The second thing to consider is whether you chestplate focus increases the duration of your Composite. Currently only NoS chestplates extend Ecliptic for shaman.

Union of Spirits
This is instant cast, and you can accidentally hit mobs with it (although it doesn't help them). I use this mainly on Rogues/Monks, since it was pointed out Berserkers will be most likely to be capped out on h-dex for critical percent chance.

Group Pact of the Wolf
This is now an aura. Just be sure to click your self Pact of Wolf after you're rezzed (the self Pact will now cast both self and group aura).

Fleeting Spirit
Twin cast your DoTs on burns. It has 21 charges, and lasts 3 minutes. If a ranger in your group is using their Scarlet Cheetah, you can save it, or try to work around.

On adds load up Malediction, Fandrel's, and Caustic Blood. On Main boss load up all your dots and refresh when necessary.

Short duration dots
Namdrow's Venom/Cruor's Malady
Don't use these, they are no longer any good when you have Enhanced Pestilence AAs.

Personal Tribute
-Twinge of Pain - Spell haste for dots by 33% (better than the best raid focus (23%)).
-Visions of Suffering - Reduces mana cost on dots/debuffs by up to 23% (better than the best raid focus (up to 22%))
-Second Chance - Works like touch of the divine (DI + DA)
-Body of the Hero - +26 heroic stamana
-Strength of Body - +650 HP

Restless Focus (procs)
Tonic of Efficiency/Standard of Power (empowered banner/campfire) (1 extra tick on dots)
Crystal Mana Tonic (mana saving) (also don't need if you have empowered banner/campfire).

Shaman DPS/Damage

--- Quote from: Brogh ---First Spire & 7th vet are both plain crit rate increases

base crit rate for shm is 56%
1st is +30%
7th is +50%
Auspice of the Hunters is +33%
Spirit of Vesagran (brd epic) +12%
Fierce Eye (brd AA) or Illusions of Grandeur (enc AA, doesn't stack with FE) +12%

If Auspice and any of brd epic / FE / IoG are up, then you're already full crit rate, both self boosts are useless overkill.

If you have 7th available, pretty sure you want to save that for when your Nectar proliferates alongside the regular dots.

--- End quote ---

Recommend getting this useful FD clicky Vermillion Sky Ring and make a few FD potions

Languid Bite
You should disable this on raids where mobs need to be mezzed.

Weak DPS option. Don't recommend. Dots are the big DPS.

If we aren't moving around much, and group members aren't dying, I'll melee to proc Ecliptic Roar. I recommend being in a form of Ogre/Troll/Barbarian that has the autoskill Slam, because you can proc the rogue & ranger synergies also.

Rabid Bear
Increases your double attack, attack, adds a self HoT, procs a decent DD, and also procs a rune on you and your group members (which also heals the group when it procs).

Turn taunt OFF. I always start with a pet at the beginning of the event to get extra dps. But I don't bother re-summoning dogdog if he dies during the event.

Pack of the Black Fang (self buff)
Don't use this on raids, it does minimal DPS and lags out raids and makes it harder to use real burns.

Other hotkeys

     Call of the WildStaff of Forbidden Rites
90% clicker hotkey Cheetah + Invis hotkey Rebuff hotkey Pet resummon
1. Mems spell set for summoning pet, and hasting pet
2. Cast pet spell
3. Curious Companion Compactor (pet shrink)
4. Pet haste DPS Glyph hotkey
Item Priority
Staff of Forbidden Rites
Bifold Focus of the Evil Eye
Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer
Valla's Unyielding Bravery
Shield of Immaculate Light
Steamjet Pack
Vermillion Sky Ring
Miniature Horn of Unity
Unified Phoenix Feather
Rod of Dark Rites
Skull of Null
DA clickies
Clockwork Automation or Holgresh beads
IVU ear
Drunkard Stein, Zueria Slide, Wishing Lamp, Primary/Secondary Anchors
Ring of Immobilization or Defender of the Ancestral Spirit
Book of Bad Poetry

Lisard MNK:
Dont forget to MGB ancestral aid =D pair it with 3rd spire


--- Quote from: Lisard MNK on November 26, 2015, 10:10:41 PM ---Dont forget to MGB ancestral aid =D pair it with 3rd spire

--- End quote ---

Better yet, hit tranq blessing before start for first cast then mgb later.

Recommended to make two triggers for Epic as well.  One trigger for when Bard clicks epic so you know to click yours as well.  And a trigger for when epic becomes available to reclick (timer).

I have 2 triggers for epic. First for when bard clicks epic, second for when my epic lands (in case I click and it gets interrupted), and for when my epic is about to run out (for if there are two shaman in group and you are the second clicker). I changed the second to 3 minute timer and made it so it will tell me when it fades.


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