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Raider Essentials / Re: Targeting, ETW, and YOU!
« on: August 25, 2016, 06:46:20 PM »
From a healers perspective, I'll generally load up on as many tanks as I can. Any overflow warriors (meaning the ones I don't have in group already) are at the top, followed by shadow knights and then a pally or two. I try to keep the MA, a shaman, a cleric and a power dps or three on there as well.


I'm in group one with all three warriors we have, one of three paladins, and another cleric.

ETW looks as such:

#1. SK
#2. SK
#3. SK
#4. SK
#5. Pally
#6. Pally
#7. MA
#8. DPS
#9. DPS
#10. DPS
#11. Priest (Raccoo)
#12. Priest (depends who is on that night. Generally a cleric, Druid if not.)
#13. Priest (Furro)

DPS spots are usually for the big hitters or AE'ers on events that call for it.

Priest spots stay relatively the same due to our low number of healers most times. Best to get them back up ASAP. Might bump one of them another tank, depending.

Some events call for a dps slot or two to go to more tanks (Stem, Grannus, High Bokon, W&D).
Some events allow for more DPS (Damsel, Enslaver, Grummus)

Rogue / Re: Rogue DPS Guide - The Broken Mirror Edition
« on: July 04, 2016, 02:35:43 AM »
It's a shaman spell, Osa. Released with TBM. Not sure if it's their dicho spell, but if it is then you would get rank 6 after the shaman casting it has done their progression in the expansion.

Good point, Pad. After so long, it's inevitable to have her podium surrounded by tentacles. The longer we take, the more moving and adjusting people have to do get into position.

I would assume this is decided on before, but we have quite a few dps still up top when she ports down. The majority should already be waiting in the tunnel (hug the walls, to keep tentacles from spawning in the main throughway.) for when she pops. Maybe keep some ranged dps or the groups with Selo's up top to push her to her port %.

Just some suggestions.

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: TBM - Crypt of Decay - T2 - Emollious
« on: February 05, 2016, 11:03:46 PM »
Healers seemed to spawn in the east and west hallways. Don't recall percentages. They didn't respawn, though. So it's either we killed him fast enough after they died or there is only one spawn of them.

Mildy and I did what she suggested in her post on last nights runs. She focused on curing and I focused on healing the MTO. Seemed to work pretty well for us.

The real hiccups came on port down when the tank gets pulled down and has a chance to be placed peculiarly. Ended up saving Third Spire and Divine Gaurdian til right before the 55% mark to help ensure a smooth transition to the lower level. Did it help? I'd like to think so but it could've been a RNG fluke.

Another point, the enfeeblement casts (spell slow / snare) start coming in fairly quick succession of each other at a certain point. Keeping it cured seemed a bit out of the question most of the time. It's probably best kept for making sure kiters aren't getting eaten and perhaps right before the port downs/ups to help dps travel quicker.

Watch your cures on MTO order when the Withering Debuffs come into play. One bad debuff change on the MT and the fight changes quickly.

We got pretty damn close last night. She's toast next week if we can turn up our DPS game to an 11!

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