Author Topic: DPS as the monk - Revision 1.0  (Read 7269 times)


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DPS as the monk - Revision 1.0
« on: February 03, 2011, 01:27:07 AM »
Rev 1
First lets talk about sustained dps and something commonly overlooked.

Dreamwalker's Synergy or Six Step
Monks stack - if there are two or more monks you should be using Dreamwalker's Synergy - this dmg stacks and more monks == higher dmg hits, this is huge! go monk army.  If you are the only monk in a group / raid Six Step Pattern is better (you can get a slot 3 mod for this from hot mote merchant)


- Speed Focus Disc
- Crystalpalm Disc
- Jab through disc
- Ironfist disc
- Drunken Monkey Sytle disc
- Second Spire aa
- Zan Fi Whistle aa
- Infusion of Thunder aa
- Cloud of Fists
- Heal of Kai
- Five Point Palm
- Destructive Force
- Dreamwalker's Synergy
- Six Step Pattern
- Stunning Kick
- Vigorous Shuriken
- HoT BP
- Circle of Power Clicky (IE: Ring of the Eyes)
- Fists of Wu
- Zerker Haste Weapon Delay thingy
- Shaman Epic / 3rd

Description Of Components
- Speed Focus Disc - This is our best aa, beware this does not stack with a ber speed thing during a burn.  Speedfocus will overwrite because its better.

- Crystalpalm Disc - This makes you do more damage.  Its a great aa, second best after Speed Focus Disc.  It stacks with all the other clicks also.

- Jab through disc -  I don't see this do much but I use it if the other two are down.

- Ironfist disc - Kinda like a baby crystalpalm that lasts longer - good to use if nothing better is up

- Drunken Monkey Sytle disc - Gives you bonuses to spellial attacks and resets  cloud / vig shuriken timers each time it switches. After you hit drunken u cloud 3 times then drunken again or switch to shuriken until u you drunken monkey again.  You can not click this while another disc is running.

- Second Spire aa - Adds damage to all attacks.  Does not stack with infusion of Thunder

- Zan Fi Whistle aa - Adds damage to attacks. longer duration, does not stack with UF BP if i recall, dont have a UF BP to confirm

- Infusion of Thunder aa - adds damage to attacks - this is like way better in rank 2 form than second spire.  It does not stack with second spire so use this first.

- Cloud of Fists - Summons a few fist pets to strike your enemy for a bit.  Decent dps.

- Heal of Kai Disc - Great aa can require micromanagement as you hit kick a ton.  Make sure you hit dreamwalkers synergy just after this then spam that flying kick button.

- Five Point Palm AA - Claw attack Pluse a huge recourse effect: The claw attack is massive if focused.  Best to hit this with shaman epic running zan fi, infusion,of thunder and crystalpalm going and we are talking 10k + on the initial strike also.

- Destructive Force AA - This gives you extra attacks and PBAE attacking for 30 seconds - Its based on a /rand per swing, so its best to pair this with Speed Focus Disc

- Dreamwalker's Synergy - Kick damage with a debuff that makes mob weaker to more kicks.  This skill stacks and if 2 or more monks you should be spamming this constantly.  The more monks the more it does, spam it.

- Six Step Pattern - Use this in-place of dreamwalker's synergy if you are the only monk on raid

- Stunning Kick - Great aa especially maxed out: spam this constantly

- Vigorous Shuriken - Range attack, Spam this when not managing drunken monkey and cloud of fists

- HoT BP - Adds 15 large procs to your attacks.

- Circle of Power Clicky (IE: Ring of the Eyes) - As far as I Know CoP1 is the best we get but its easy enough to obtain from hot.  Look that ring up on alla.  I keep it inventoried. 

- Fists of Wu - with ranger buffs and aa and gear this does nothing for you, but if u lack ranger buffs wanna keep this up for 6 percent spell based double attack on group

- Zerker Haste Weapon Delay thingy - This does not stack with Speed Focus: expect to see this come in just after shaman epic.  I often start crystalpalm because that does stack with zerker weapon delay thingy then follow with speedfocus when grouped with a zerker

- Shaman Epic / 3rd - Shaman buffs are key, they focus damage and stack with our discs.[/center]

Order and stacking for a monk burn are incredibly touchy
- First thing is examine your group
1) Do you have a bard (if you do as far as i can tell nothing different to do but its fantastic)
2) If you have a zerker plan on him using a speed that wont stack with your speed.  Often as soon as shaman epic lands
3) Dance for joy if u have an epic shaman

For your hardest fast burn I suggest......
(No Ber)
HoT BP - CoP - Zan Fi - Infusion of Thunder- Speed focus Disc - Destructive Foce
When Speed Focus Falls Hit Crystalpalm - Second Spire - Five Point Palm
By now the thing should be dead or use other discs as you see fit.
(With Ber)
Switch Speed Focus with Crystalpalm and Five Point Palm with Destructive Force.

Work in Progress . ..... Rev 1