Author Topic: GINA triggers - general all-purpose  (Read 4407 times)


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GINA triggers - general all-purpose
« on: May 18, 2018, 07:03:00 AM »
Attached are some GINA triggers that i like to use on a tank, a healer, almost any class really because it provides me with a bit of raid intel.

I play in full screen, which has some drawbacks, so all of these triggers alert you by sound (But you could of course edit them if that's not your cup of tea).

Some of these triggers i made, some I picked up from other players,

included are:

*<name of tank> activated fort/deflect, fort/deflect dropping on <name of tank>

(if you're a tank and a few of you taunt a mob off a dps, politeness would be to let the guy with fort/deflect running tank it, or you might hold off your own 'ae aggro + fort/deflect' if u hear another tank has just popped theirs.  On a healing class, it lets me know that the tank won't be needing me to hit heal discs any time soon, and can rebuff/target someone else for a bit.  It's just very handy having that intel for a multitude of reasons.)

*trigger that spams u whenever u take rampage damage (not wild rampage.  This alerts you to either announce that you're on rampage, or fade aggro to someone better to handle it)

DI down on <playername> (wipe inc? tank on etw bout to fall over maybe?)

* Many adps triggers, sk epic(drink the blood!), mob turned undead, etc