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Call of the Forsaken
« on: August 03, 2013, 08:38:44 PM »
Story said to be a dragon, Lendinaria from EQ2 that gets sent through a portal/rift/whatever and sent into the EQ1 universe. You will then begin from there to learn more!
Beta starts around August 14th, Release is in September
West Karana is the expansions hub zone
Staggered release like RoF
Zones so far: Dead Hills, Neriak D
T4 RoF gear will remain relevant all the way throughout the new expansion (New gear is a small or no upgrade)

There is No level increase
New spells and AA, design direction is convenience and consolidation
2 shared bank slots
Mercenary AA, passive, they extend to all mercs you own
Mercenary Gear, 4 slots (Primary, Secondary, Helm, Chest)
Mercenary stats page, can see all their stats
Heroic Adventures: Lots of instanced content ie LDoN 2.0, based on levels, gear and class makeup

Misc/Future stuff:
Plans to remove leader and raid AA and make them base default game
Fix necro epic
Fix quest and mission windows, Guild and raid windows to make easier, possibly adding assistant RL's

Small class balance changes that will happen more often
New AA, spells, and systems made with long term in mind
Less amount of raids will be complex -> more NToV style raids, lot of positive feedback on NToV
Undead in at least 2 zones (Neriak D and Dead Hills)
Simplifying raid currency system
New hero's forge bixie, clockwork, will be robes brought up to speed too and shrunk options

15th Anniversary next year:
Plane of War release
New class/race combo for players to vote on
New features for players to vote on


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Re: Call of the Forsaken
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2013, 09:12:03 PM »
Elidroth posted on eqlive regarding new expansion:

Answer to a couple points..
Yes there are new AA and spells coming for your classes. How many we're not 100% sure on as we're still developing them.

Merc AA start at level 20 to get you into the system, but those increases are very small, and you won't get into the higher powered stuff until later.

Heroic Adventures are not going to change based upon what classes you bring, but they can scale based upon level, but only to the highest level character in your group.

Merck ARE allowed into heroic adventures and in fact were tuning them around the 2 player, 2 merc group.

We are releasing 4 zones at launch, with more coming throughout the year.
Number of raids is not finalized. We have planned out probably more than we can make currently.


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Re: Call of the Forsaken
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2013, 10:30:53 AM »
Call of the Forsaken Launch Date & More1 day 12 hours ago by Railus

The launch date for EverQuest: Call of the Forsaken has been pushed back to October 8, 2013; expansion pre-orders will be available through October 7th; and beta registrations are still being accepted.

Those details and more come from a letter from EverQuest Producer Thom Terrazas:

Hello my Norrathian Friends!

Since SOE Live, the team has been cranking away at the Expansion, Call of the Forsaken. It gives me extreme pleasure to work on EverQuest right now with such a creative team, delivering to you, the 20th Expansion this Fall.

Beta for Call of the Forsaken started soon after SOE Live and we are now extending Beta through October 7th. That also means we are moving the launch of the expansion a couple weeks as well to October 8, 2013. If you haven’t jumped into the Beta yet, there is still time to adventure through some of our new zones like Bixie Warfront and Neriak Fourth Gate before they go live! We are flagging accounts daily and we welcome everyone to check out the expansion and send us feedback while we finish with polish and tuning. (More information on Beta Sign Ups)

If you have been following the expansion details, then you will know that one of the biggest features for Call of the Forsaken is the customization with Mercenaries with their own AAs and power-added Armor. To give everyone a taste of what to experience with the new Mercenary Armor, we are giving everyone that Pre-Orders Call of the Forsaken before October 7, an exclusive piece of Mercenary Armor. We hope you will check out the expansion on Beta and take advantage of the Pre-Order exclusive item! (More information on Pre-Orders and In-Game Rewards)

Our Big Bags bring all the boys to the yard! That’s right, last Friday we started a Super Sonic Sack Sales Spectacular with Big Bags back in the Marketplace. They will be available for a couple weeks so be sure to get yours before they are gone.

I want to thank all of you checking in and reading my letter. The EverQuest team is excited with much anticipation to bring you the 20th expansion in just two weeks from today. If that isn’t rewarding enough for us, we are already discussing ways we can continue the storylines in additional game updates that tie into the expansion throughout the year.

See you in game soon!

Thom Terrazas
Senior Producer, EverQuest
Sony Online Entertainment, LLC.

Heroic Adventures; interesting

Mercenary Enhancements; baffles me, I thought merc came with " BEST GEAR " in game and " BEST AA's "
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