Author Topic: What healer augs should we get  (Read 1462 times)


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What healer augs should we get
« on: March 02, 2022, 01:06:11 PM »
Freelance what healer augs should a cleric, druid, shaman get at max level ( 120 )?
I have compiled a list of what I think. My question is do we go Hwis / Hint or Hstam for the maximum effect of healing

You can have great gear, but proper augments can give you that extra edge on raids that you need. These are not listed in any particular order, so you may have to sift through to find the ones you need:




* 90 hp, 115 mana, 3 hInt/hWis - Echoing Shriek from Shrieking Death in Cooling Chamber     
* 100 hp, 105 mana, 3 hInt/hWis - Essence Scour from Scour in Pellucid Grotto     
* 100 hp, 130 mana, 4 hInt/hWis - Bloodbound Ruby from Tracker Klarden Valorstriker in Underquarry     
* 100 hp, 140 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Jewel of the Flame Alchemist from Tani The Fire Alchemist in    Kernagir     
* 105 hp, 100 mana, 3 hSta - Shard of Pain from Tratcita the Punisher in Pellucid Grotto     
* 105 hp, 125 mana, 4 hInt/hWis - Patch of Sporali Skin from Blightcap in Arthicrex     
* 110 hp, 130 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Stone of the Sovereign from Hungry Earth in Fungal Forest   
 * 110 hp, 155 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Crystalline Tear from Slag Golem in Volska's Husk    * 35 ac, 75 mana, 6 hWis/hInt - Jewel of the Self from Priestess of the First in Convorteum     
* 100 hp, 135 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Eye of Rot from Fearsniffer in House of Thule lower   * 115 hp, 160 mana, 6 hInt/hWis - Raze's Brainstem from Raze in The Grounds and No Freedom In Death     
* 125 hp, 170 mana, 7 hInt/hWis - Jyleel's Seal from General Jyleel in Al'Kabor's Nightmare     
* 36 AC, 80 mana, 6 hInt/hWis - Tantarene Gem of Heretical Power from Maggotscalp in Erudin Burning    and The Gardner     
* 37 AC, 90 mana, 7 hInt/hWis - Bloodfeather's Eye from Bloodfeather in Miragul's Nightmare     
* 38 AC, 115 mana, 8 hInt/hWis - Shimmering Heart of the Phantasm from Forest Phantasm in Morell's  Castle

Sliver of Fear
Heart of Rot
Doomscale Gem
Candle of Hollow Souls
Quicksilver Globule
Sacred Prayer Shawl of the Duke
Jyleel's Seal
Afton's August Amethyst
Dahlena's Pommel Gem
Jewel of the Flame Alchemist
Crystalline Tear
Bloodbound Ruby
Stone of the Sovereign
Patch of Sporali Skin
Red Eye of Gosik
The Warden's Glacial Stare
Stone of the Crystal Circle
Double Pronged Grendlaen Incisor
Shimmering Heart of The Phantasm
Eye of Rot
Raze's Brainstem
Tantarene Gem of Heretical Power

These are available via the OMM missions:

Blue Dragon Scale
Crystal Dragon Scale
Gold Dragon Scale

These are available only during the anniversary events:

Gold Nugget of the Eleventh Hour
Polished Stone of the Eleventh Hour
Gem of the Eleventh Scholar
Gem of the Eleventh Seer
Annealed Mana Conductor
Mana Laminated Gear Set
Beveled Mithril Gear Set
Unharnessed Soul Gem
Dislodged Diamond of Blood
Blue Stone of Power
Fragment of Purethought
Issis' Fang (Hardcore Heritage)
Red Dragon Scale (Hardcore Heritage)

This last set have no Hwis on them. I am posting these simply because they help with our functionality as a healing class:

Anomolous Rock of Alteration
Tome of Manipulation
Helping Hand

If anyone has anything to add or suggestions, please let me know. I will be happy to edit the post accordingly. I hope this helps!

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