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Illusion Benefits
« on: November 29, 2015, 05:58:51 PM »
You've got extra buff slots now that most clicky buffs are innate, so you mayaswell make some use of them!

I don't want to list every single illusion and which buff it carries, since allah will likely have that attached to the spell's info page in due time, but I did a fair bit of testing and can give everyone a good idea of which buff benefits stack and which don't~

Conflicts with Gunthak/Mount blessing buffs:

Azia (AC buff)
Caza (AC Buff)
Ena (HP/AC Buff)
Ozah (HP Regen/AC Buff)
Paza (Random crap and AGI/AC Buff)
Vena (Endurance/AC Buff)

Conflict with Eachother:

Beza (Damage Shield)
Geza (Damage Shield/Fire Resist)
Essence of Bertoxxulous (Mana Regen/Damage Shield)


Neza (Increased Dodge Rate/Movement speed)
Sana (Movement Speed/Disease Resist)
Taza (Movement Speed/Magic Resist) - This one's Weird, it seems to stack only if you put it as the designated stat illusion
Uzah (Movement Speed/Faction mod with Claws of Veeshan)


Izah (STR Buff)
Earth Elemental's Form (STR Buff/5% Melee Mitigation Rune to 85k Dmg/Snare Proc)

Separate Buff Slots:

Dena (Movement Speed/Attack Buff)
Dragorn War Mask (+10 Dmg to all weapon damage, after calculations)
Fana (40% Haste/STR Buff)
Heda (HP Regen) - Note, I'm just assuming for this one, don't have an illusion with this benefit to test
Jaka (AGI Buff)
Kala (Fearune type crap and Cold Resist)
Lena (Fire Resist)
Levitation (Grants you a defensive DT proc that'll go off any time a Druid gets within 50' of you)
Meda (500 Hp Buff, was surprised this stacked with mount) -Does not stack with Invigoration of the Ry`Gorr and presumably Brells/Ranger HP buffs
Miniature Eyepatch (+10 Dmg to Slashing and Peircing weapon damage, after calculations)
Qela (Disease Resist)
Recluse Spider (Grants a 226 Dmg melee proc)
Rena (Horribad Spell Rune that dissipates after absorbing 100 dmg)

Edit: You can totally left click the icon in the stat illusion window to remove the Illusion and wipe the designated stat, but the effect seems to still linger (even with nothing visibly in the stat illusion box anything cast off the keyring will have the benefit of whatever was in it last). You can however remove the illusions from the keyring and cast them from inventory once the designated stat buff is wiped (You'll simply have to remove the illusion to cast the next one and get it's buff)

Anyway, hopes this helps a few of you so you don't wind up buying something that doesn't stack with other clickies (Not sure on how these stack with full raid buffs on either yet). If you have any questions regarding which illusions give which benefit I can give you examples, if Allah takes forever updating the "Items with this effect" portions I might just make a list myself
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