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NoS - Firefall Pass - T3 - The Shadows Move
« on: March 16, 2023, 06:38:21 PM »
Firefall Pass - T3 - The Shadows Move

Zone & Instance Info

Gather Zone: Shar Vahl, Divided
NPC Name: Sergeant Hujiid
NPC Location: Find path (CTRL-F)

Keyword to Enter:wish

Flag & Key Requirements

Zone Flag: None
Event Key: None
Group Mission: None
Event Flags: None
* Minimum to be Piggy/85'/pushed into raid: No requirement

Brief Event Overview

At event start, waves of centi adds spawn and attack.  Shortly after, Dusk and Dawn activate.

Dusk HP raised by player mechanic.  Dusk can be damaged once HP 50%.

Dawn is susceptible to player damage until HP 50%.

When both Dusk and Dawn reach 50% HP, they each transform into Midnight bosses and massive constructs activate.

Looming Shadow aura advances across zone perodically driven by shadow bearer adds.

Waves of centi adds continue to spawn throughout event.

Player emote mechanics in play during event.


Kill adds via MA.

When Setting Sun emoted, run away to cancel effect.

When Rising Sun emoted, run to Dawn.

Kill massive constructs.

Kill Shadow Bearers via MA2.  These adds spawn and advance the aura towards raid.  Killing them stops aura from advancing.

- MTO - Keep Dawn and Dusk separated
- MTO - Stack Midnights

- Single target heals on Dusk when confused emote occurs (trigger alerts when)

MA Kill Order:
- MA1 - constructs, centi, bosses
- MA2 - shadows

That's it for now!

This is a preliminary write up, which will be amended accordingly based on our experiences and feedback provided by our raiders.

* Friendly reminder: Freelance Raid Suggestion Policy regarding New Content - Don't kill the messenger -- pie management.

Details of NPCs/Mechanics

Bosses: Dawn & Dusk

Activate Emote: Dusk and Dawn awaken and begin to move.

DawnNight's Death - Target AE - Increases Spell Damage Taken by 100% + Suppression of Focus Effects (12s duration, AE range 100')
Effect Message: You feel the loss of the night, you lose focus.
Limit Spell: Day's Release - Target AE 400k DD + 10k Mana Drain (AE range 100')
Effect Message: The lost energy of the day washes over you.
Rising Sun - Single Target - Decrease Melee Haste by 95% + Interrupt Casting (90% Chance)
Effect Message: Your sun rises, painfully bright. Less so if you stay at Dawn.
Emote - 3rd Person: The sun begins to rise on Soandso... and Soandso.
Emote - 1st Person - Success: Dawn removes your fear of the Blinding Day ahead.
Cast on Fade: Restoring Daylight - Caster AE - 250k DD + 77k Mana Drain (range 1000, AE range 150')
Effect Message: Sudden daylight purges you.
Cast on Fade: Restoring of the Dawn - Self - 3% Heal up to 9m
Effect Message: Dawn is restored.
DuskSetting Sun - Single Target - Decrease Melee Haste by 95% +  Interrupt Casting (90% Chance)
Effect Message: Your sun begins to set.
Emotes - 3rd Person:
The sun begins to set on Soandso.
The sun begins to set on Soandso and Soandso.
Cast on Fade: Sudden Night - Caster AE 650k DoT + Blind + Reversed DS (36s duration, AE range 100')
Failure Emote: It grows suddenly and completely dark.
Sudden Night Casts on Spell Use: Uncertain Magic - Self - 150k DD + Mana Drain
- Setting Sun effect will cancel when player runs away 400'
- When Setting Sun cancels, player may return to raid
- Each player hit by Sudden Night will self inflict percentage damage based on Cast Time of their spell

Looming Shadow - Purple Aura

Looming Shadow - Purple Aura - Expands if shadow bearer adds not killed before they exit the aura.

Adds Spawn Emote: Shadows coalesce.

Aura Expanded Emote: A shade exits the shadow and disperses, extending the looming shadow.

Looming Shadow   Looming Shadows - Single Target - Inhibits Spell Casting + Inhibits Combat (12s duration)
(Purple Aura)1st Person Effect: Shadows loom over you.
- Aura expands when shadow bearers successfully exit the aura
A shadow bearer--
- Spawns inside purple aura
- Indifferent
- Attempts to reach aura; to advance it
- Killing add before it touches purple aura prevents aura from advancing
- Spawns at 1m 30s intervals


Various adds spawn throughout the event.

a massive construct--
- Four activate when Dusk and Dawn transform to Midnight
a dyek`dator centi--
- Mezzable
a fer`dator centi--
- Mezzable
a wen`dator centi--
- Mezzable

Start Event

Event is triggered by keyword, speaking with Sergeant Hujiid and saying 'ready'

[Thu Mar 09 22:11:34 2023] Sergeant Hujiid says, 'Hail, friend. Thank you so much for coming to help. The Akheva have just arrived. I'm sure what you see here is not the extent of what they will bring to bear. All we hope to do here is bloody thier noses. [Reduce] their forces and make them think twice before advancing.'

[Thu Mar 09 22:11:34 2023] Sergeant Hujiid says, 'It's that shadow that worries me the most. It has been growing a bit since I got here. If you can somehow destroy that thing then I would consider this a win and we can retreat. If we let that thing expand too much we might not be able to stop it. For now they seem to be waiting for more of their forces to arrive. It might be best if you attack them as soon as you are [ready]. If you need to [leave], I can assist you with that.'

[Thu Mar 09 22:11:34 2023] Sergeant Hujiid says, 'Best of luck to you, friend.'


- Stave Off the Shadows
-- Do not allow any shadow bearers to expand the Looming Shadows

- Unending Midnight
-- Do not allow Midnight to return to Dusk and Dawn.

- Within the Shadows
-- Never take Dusk, Dawn, or Midnight out of the Looming Shadow.


Event Reset 1: The centi report to their mistress that the way is clear, there is no resistance remaining.

Event Reset 2: The Looming Shadow has grown beyond your ability to stop. You have lost this battle.


The following are the absolute minimum graphic settings to see auras.  Zoning is required for the changes to take effect.

To make the changes, in game go to Options (ALT-O), Display tab.  On that page there's a Particles area with three little tabs: Spells, Env and Player.

Map Locations

Map file: N/A (right-click, "Save As", and place in EQ maps folder).

Corner Locations:
Code: [Select]
Labels submitted by: Soandso

Other labels for group zone:
Code: [Select]

Text & Audio Triggers - Mandatory

Everyone  Main Package  2023-03-16 (02:29pm)  - Adds Active - Constructs
- Adds Spawn - Centi

- Bosses Active - Dusk & Dawn
- Bosses Transform - Midnights Active

- Dawn - Rising Sun - Move to Dawn - Success
- Dawn - Rising Sun - Move to Dawn (1st Person)
- Dusk - Setting Sun - Run Away (1st Person)
- Dusk is Confused - Heal Opportunity - Heal Dusk Now
- Midnight - Looming Shadows - Back Away

- Looming Shadow Aura - Add Spawn - Shadows
- Looming Shadow Aura - Failure - Aura Expands

- Event Reset
-- Event Reset 1 - Centi Report - No Resistance
-- Event Reset 2 - Looming Shadow Aura - Extended Too Far

- Event Start

Triggers below are toggled OFF by default - Situational usage.

GINA Issues?  Help Below:

If you're new to GINA and/or having issues with importing/enabling our trigger files, please read Ssark's GINA Manual.  If you're still having issues after following Ssark's guide, reply to the Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA thread located in the Raiders Essentials section of our forums, and we'll work to resolve the issue(s).
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Re: NoS - Firefall Pass - T3 - The Shadows Move
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 06:42:19 PM »
Thursday, March 16, 2023 - Update

Strategy posted based on our win last week.

DELETE OLD TRIGGER PACKAGE "Firefall Pass - The Shadows Move - Everyone", BEFORE IMPORTING NEW!

Make sure trigger package is enabled

See everyone in-game! :)