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Freelance Ramblings / Living Up to Brell's Expectations
« on: August 28, 2011, 11:26:55 AM »
Very proud of my Freelance mates last night -- great tweak to stay East a little longer I think, and a nearly flawless West side made Deconstruction end well.  Lots of very nice upgrades for folks and such.  I believe we were at about 40 characters and still beat the fifteen minute timer with 38 seconds to go.

Lots of work went into that raid, from Furro planning to Frostfox healer assignments to Minisca MAing to tanks picking up EXACTLY the right mob at the right time, healers clicking every trick in the book, to necros jumping ahead, and (don't laugh) DPS not killing themselves on 8k damage shields.  (I think the only thing we didn't do was have to mez a bunch of junk, but there are plenty of other raids for that.)  Yet, it came together quite well, and without the RNG (not ranger, but randon number generator) unluckiness on 2-3 runs, I swear we won that thing 3-4 times last night.

I'm no dwarf, but I think Brell would have been proud.

Freelance Ramblings / the Queen is dead, boys
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:54:33 AM »
We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry
and talk about precious things
but the rain that flattens my hair
these are the things that kill me

Passed the pub that saps your body
and the church who'll snatch your money
the Queen is dead, boys
and it's so lonely on a limb

(apologies to The Smiths, ca. 1986)

Grats to all on a successful thwacking of Da Queen of Da Ants, as Dim might say.

Freelance Ramblings / Tick Tock TUCK
« on: July 03, 2011, 01:44:31 AM »
SS: us engaging and thunking ole Tick Tock!

Freelance Ramblings / Grats on Brath
« on: June 04, 2011, 03:33:27 AM »
What was it, 39 people?  Second try, and it looked pretty good too.  Grats to everyone, glad to see that walking turd fall down.

Monk / Monk DPS - Ssark version.
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:53:14 AM »
Ok, so you're a monk, and you want to move up the DPS parse lists?  Three simple steps:

Put down the monk, and re-roll a ranger.

You still reading?  I was serious, re-roll a ranger.

Clearly you're beyond hope, so we might as well get on with it.  Besides the AA post I've given previously, you'll want to set up a few simple hotkeys as shown below.  These are originally from Derredman, who now plays Minisca a lot (see, he plays a ranger now... he followed Step One, unlike you).

Make sure you put in the right rank of discipline for what you have; for example, if you only have Veilwalker's Synergy Rk. II, only put in "II".  Also map my /doability 7 to wherever your Flying Kick is stored.

For Kicks
Once you have these created, take "Kicks" and put it somewhere in your hotbank.  Why?  Here's what it does:

1. Hits Synergy, which is a nice set of kicks plus it makes the mob more suspectible to your flying kicks for a while

2. Hits Stunning Kick, which if you maxed all the hastened AA, will pop every 9 or 12 seconds.

3. Hits Flying Kick

4. Hits Cloud of Fists

This is mashable.  You hit it every 6 seconds or so, at the very least for the Flying Kick.  You will get messages about certain disciplines not being available, but if you've set up your Main Chat right (to not be visible), you'll never see these.

The Need for Speed
Speed Focus is a level-60s discipline that is still pure gold today.  This social does the following:

1. Hits DMS, which makes all sorts of fun things happen on your special attacks

2. Activates Infusion of Thunder, which should ALWAYS be used with Speed Focus, no exceptions

3. Hits Speed Focus (duh)

4. Hits Veilwalker's (just in case it's available)

5. Hits Stunning Kick

I also tend to hit my epic about this time too, because it kind of makes some sense right about here to me (maybe the proc fires more often with the hastened effect, but it can't hurt).

Also make sure Zan Fi is running -- 30% DPS boost (which I think stacks with IoT, sorry, not the expert I should be on that).

Palming It
Crystalpalm (now Diamondpalm) is a heavy hitter -- you're not faster, but you hit like you were dual-wielding 2HB weapons.  Sweetness!  By now what the macro does should be obvious.

On a shorter fight, I likely sneak in Five Point Palm and Crane Stance during this disc, but I like those better with Ironfist (next macro) if I know I'm going to hit three.

Putting the Iron Hammer Down
This last macro is one of the least useful discipline combos, though it can hit for some of the biggest monkly numbers (I've seen triple 225k -- that's right, 750k damage).  This one:

1. Hits DMS
2. Hits Ironfist (long re-use timer and no hastened, bleh)
3. Hits Veilwalker's
4. Hits Stunning Kick
5. Hits Five Point Palm

Now, on top of this, I hit Crane Stance every time, which has that possibility of 1-3 nice 225k strikes.  Like a good nuker, I do this late in fights, and certainly NOT after a tank swap, as I'm likely to get unwanted attention. :)

10 minute Re-use discipline
Really, we have only one to talk about: Second Spire of the Sensei.  Use it often, use it when you don't need a real burn and you just want a little burst.  Don't forget it's there though. :)

Typical Burn
So given all that, what does a typical burn look like?  Well, if it's good for a monk, it's going to be a long burn, with time for Speed Focus, Crystalpalm and Ironfist.  It'll look something like this:

1. Assist MA and turn autoattack on, and get into position.  Yeah, I know, trivial, but you'd be surprised how often this gets forgotten.

2. Hit Tiger's Balance.  This little gem lasts long enough to make it through the first two burns, and adds a nice little proc.

3. Hit epic, Zan Fi, and the SPEED FOCUS social.  Try not to marvel in the numbers that fly by, concentrate on your melee position (side, back!)

4. Continue to mash Kicks social.

5. When Speed Focus is done, wait for Veilwalker's to clear then hit the CRYSTAL/DIAMONDPALM social.  Marvel in large numbers.

6. If you don't think you're going to have time for Iron Fist, make sure you use Crane Stance and Five Point Palm here.  Otherwise, save 'em.

7. Keep mashing Kicks!

8. Once palming has run its course, and Veilwalker's refreshes, hit the IRON social.  Nail a Crane Stance soon after.

9. More twitching with Kicks.

10. If it's still alive for some reason, trigger Heel of Kojai and mash Kicks like no tomorrow (Flying Kick will refresh once a second).  If Second Spire is up, hit it.

For DPS, you have the following priorities:

1. Survive.  Get HPs over AC, use 10HP = 1AC.  Mostly you're not tanking on raids, but you will get hit by adds, by AEs, etc.  Don't revel in hSta or hAgi like some monks do (my opinion!), let the gear take care of that.

2. Ferocity.   Get raid legs.  Increases your chance of double or triple attack.  I don't care if they're Convo rot legs, get them.

3. Cleave.   Get raid arms.  You hit a lot, you swing a lot, you're the master of speed.  You're going to crit - a lot.  Crit more.

4. Heroic Strength.   Currently I have +283 heroic Strength, and I'm out for more.  Can never have enough.

5. Raid clicky overhaste.   Group is 8%.  Raid is 16%.  Means more soloing or if there's not a bard in your group.  But it makes a difference.  Spend the 200dkp in Convo and get it.

6. Get behind the mob!   I never understand why all these people want to be on the same side as the tank.  Sometimes I wish they'd put Enrage back in to teach all you youngin's a good lesson.  Don't let it riposte your stuff!  Get behind it and beat its ass, literally!  Surround, left and right, at least.

7. Get your Flying Kick and Kick augs up to max.   Get some Chronos and buy the augs from Zeb in the Void.  Pick gear the maximizes your Flying Kick.  Kick is way less important.

8.  Ask questions.  Don't ever think you know everything.  I sure as hell don't.

Wait, what about...
About what?  Oh, desparation, like Heel of Kojai?  Yeah, if all else fails, I do have a key that looks just like the Crystalpalm key for heel... but rarely use it.

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