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Freelance Ramblings / Don't all marriages start (and end) this way?
« on: March 25, 2012, 12:00:30 PM »

First, we killed off her boring stories, like Billy the Gay Piper (hey he's happy pulling rats), Whiteshoals and the Knockoff Dorfs, and The Spider.  We beat her like a redheaded stepchild in front of her lover, The Butler.

And then... they go up to get married.  And what does he do?  He tells her there's another woman, and then he puts his blade through her.

Man, that Butler has some serious kahonies.  All's well that ends well, I guess.

Congratulations Freelance!  3/4 HoT T2 raid events beaten, Erudin's Burning yet to come.

Freelance Ramblings / While You're Waiting
« on: March 16, 2012, 12:33:07 AM »
For servers to come back up, here's some halfing porn.  Go ahead and click, you'll thank me later.

Freelance Ramblings / Someone Finally Shut the High Priest Up!
« on: March 11, 2012, 05:52:25 PM »

Sarith raid, downed by Freelance raiders, 03.10.2012.  That makes 3 VOA raids now on 'completed' status, and all of T1-T2.  Well done!

Freelance Ramblings / Who's afraid of Ritual of Terror?
« on: February 24, 2012, 11:50:04 PM »

Freelance Ramblings / BT: Creation
« on: February 11, 2012, 09:21:19 AM »
I didn't think we'd ever be able to do Trial of Creation, and you bishes all proved me wrong.

Tough little split raid, gotta watch a lot of junk on each side, fifteen minutes or bust.

Thanks for all the time you put in learning and practicing this raid.  Thanks for everyone who stepped up and had a special job to do.  Thanks for hanging in there.

Now just one more raid to learn before Convorteum.

Freelance Ramblings / Freelance Trifecta
« on: March 04, 2012, 05:55:20 PM »
As posted earlier this weekend, Freelance advanced in the HoT expansion by taking care of Terror in the Dark.  But we didn't stop there.

Next stop was VoA, the Herald of Oratory.  After a couple of learning sessions, our team was ready to punch her in the mouth.  And punch we did, complete with a good dose of STFU.

Two major new victories in hand, we got some "face time" in on Audience with Brell Serilis in UF, the last raid we needed for Convorteum access.  The two Brell visages had given us some trouble, but the top notch DPS team came through while the tanks/healers kept us in the game.  Brell finally had to admit we have what it takes to track down The First Creation.

Congrats again to the entire Freelance team for making this all happen.  Now, Furro just needs to get some serious work in on the next strats: Convorteum, Library/Erudin, and Sarith await!

Freelance Ramblings / Not afraid of the Terror in the Dark either...
« on: March 03, 2012, 11:50:34 AM »
Grats Freelance, first attempt at HoT Tier 2 "The Well" raid, and we're 1 for 1.

Freelance Ramblings / Guess Who is Who
« on: February 26, 2012, 12:20:16 PM »

Which of these two...

A) Will actually heal you in battle
B) Casts buffs without complaining
C) Is QUIET like halflings are supposed to be
D) Gets paid in Bayle Marks which is a helluva lot cheaper than pies

Still stumped?  Then hint: which one is cuter?

Freelance Ramblings / Freelance Open Raiders alloys all fears, AoS slag
« on: January 14, 2012, 10:39:02 PM »
Late on the night of Friday, January 13, the Freelance Open Raid team took out Veil of Alaris' first raid, involving the Avatar of Steel, with around 35 people.  It took solid effort and teamwork over several weeks to learn the intricacies of this raid event, but we did it!

Here's the Avatar of Steel in his final moments, as Imnotjim, Rulolin, Minisca, Borean, Blackbird, Elnoche and others put the final touch on him:

In this shot, you-know-who prepares to bid "like himself" for the double-drop loot.  Also pictured: Furro, Mistatk, Eristie, Landaru, Sinnayr, Hardaen, Stainn, Windreaper, Yellexin, Dekabos, Tinyfamilyguy, Dekabos, Luvumlevem, Juny, Twilight and more.

One can expect the Freelance team to be hitting up this bad boy weekly for a while!

-- Ssark

Freelance Ramblings / Interesting raid vs group
« on: November 21, 2011, 11:21:58 AM »
I'm kind of posting for someone else (and maybe he'll read this and actually write down the stats), but I found it very interesting that UF raid (Palladium) hand armor still beats VoA group hands (T2, Sarith) by a fair amount in AC, in particular a pair of paladin gloves.  HEM the VoA stuff is better, sure, but what tanks really need is solid AC.

I get it, that raid gear has better AC and heroics than group gear.  But UF is not one, but two expansions behind VoA, and it's not the Convo T4 raid stuff either.  And it's still better in certain stats.  That's amazing.

My feeling was similar to seeing a linked ring from T2 VoA in FLRaids chat, and, checking my own rings, noticing the heroic strength is just so low, it looked no better that HoT heroics.  It was kind of sad to see stuff from T2 VoA and say, um, and...?  (That said, I was lucky enough to get a new weapon which definitely has a better ratio than T4 HoT, so it's not all Ssark-rain-on-the-parade.)

Before you say, Ssark, you're just disrespecting all group gear, don't get me wrong, I still wear a lot of it because it's what I have, it was easier to get, and it'll do nicely as it is.  I hit DPS parses just fine in fully decked out T4 HoT gear, so there's nothing wrong with it! :)

To many of you, this revelation is a /yawn, because you've been raiding a long time.  I, however, really just started raiding (Plane of Time years ago doesn't count now), and it just hits you how different the raid gear is even from two expansions ago.

In any case, enjoy playing the new content, and after a few deaths to the same rare spawn over and over, it felt just like raiding Creation...  ::)

Freelance Ramblings / Well now...
« on: December 01, 2011, 11:07:10 PM »

Freelance Ramblings / Congrats!
« on: November 06, 2011, 03:20:51 PM »
Wish I was there to help, but it appears Freelance got its first win in Lichen Creep on Friday night?

Awesome!  Nice work Freelance!

Freelance Ramblings / Furro Bingo
« on: October 09, 2011, 01:27:04 PM »
First of several cards to come... rules are simple, every time you hear Furro use a phrase, you get to put a marker in that square.  Get any five across, down or diagonals and win a pie.

Center square of course is free, it just means you've seen him.

Freelance Ramblings / Furro's Fungal Corruption Cured
« on: September 11, 2011, 11:30:28 PM »
As the Beetle of Death passes...

The proud raiders gather for the real event:

Freelance Ramblings / EQ broken 8 Sep 2011 7:10pm Eastern
« on: September 08, 2011, 11:12:26 PM »
Alla's forum show other people got booted and can't log on either... will keep trying :)

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