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Freelance Ramblings / How The Hobbit Should Have Ended
« on: January 20, 2013, 05:12:43 PM »
I like this except for one thing: Gandalf should have just let go...

Ssark the Persistent...
     is my name
Abusing Halflings...
     is my game.

Freelance Ramblings / Freelance Frees King Tormax from a Bloody Nightmare
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:49:22 PM »
Poor King Tormax.  Some crackpot puts a purple crystal up his ass, and suddenly he's more paranoid than a pie in Rivervale.  And we, the Freelance Raid Team, had to live through that nightmare:

  • First, it was The Dain, who is a stinky little dwarf.  Gets dogs and his four heavies to do his dirty work for him.  We put him down.
  • Then, it's Yelinak, a mighty frost dragon.  Some respect here, he packs a nice 100k AE.  Tyranosawr and Snakein combined to interrupt his plans.
  • And if that weren't enough, he dreams of both of these fools at the same time.  Oh, and keep in mind, during the whole event, KT decides that Juddor and Overeasy are at fault, and he's poundin' on them.

But like any good halfling in search of adven... who are we kidding?  pies... we persevere and get 'er done.  Congratulations Freelance!

Yes, Snakein, we won.  :D

Raider Essentials / Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA
« on: November 12, 2012, 09:11:11 PM »
GINA (available at is a nice alternative to GamTextTriggers (GTT) -- in fact, the author admits he took the best of GTT and improved it.  I've found the following features useful:

  • The ability to customize triggers by character, very useful for multi-boxers
  • Grouping triggers together, and shutting whole groups of them off (like UF/HoT triggers)
  • Being able to have several overlays in different areas of the screen
  • Easy to share a trigger set with someone across EQ
  • Ability to program triggers, such as "I want to see a quick text when a character nukes for more than 80k"

However, because it is a more advanced program, some might find it more challenging to use.  Indeed, when you pull over GTT triggers where you're supposed to put in your character's name instead of YOURNAME, in GINA you want to put something different altogether ("{C}").  Because of these differences, I've decided to write a short document (it has lots of pictures) for those of you who either have used GTT for a long time and want to give GINA a try, or for the person who is new to Freelance Raids and wants to give it a spin.

The link to the manual is here:

Ssark's GINA Manual

I will update the manual here as necessary.  Enjoy!


Freelance Ramblings / Double XP Weekend Coming... Except...
« on: October 26, 2012, 10:50:17 AM »
From the forums:

"EverQuest will have their weekend next, from 12:00pm (noon) Pacific on Friday, November 2nd through 11:59 pm noon on Sunday, November 4th.  This excludes Freelance raiding times on the Cazic-Thule server, where group experience will be reduced by 50% from 5pm to 10pm Pacific on Friday and Saturday nights.  Raid experience instead will be tripled, especially in the zone 'Pillars of Alra'"

I swear that's as true as Furro bringing pies for everyone to share.  Well, at least part of it anyway.   ;D

Freelance Ramblings / I'm sure to lose some Karma for this one...
« on: October 24, 2012, 02:39:29 AM »
Tonight, in FLRaids, we learned there was a spy in our midst...

So Agent Ketu set out to dispatch the little troublemaker.  Hmm, whose feet could those be sticking out the wall?

Could it be?

It is!  Agent Ketu disavows all claims that he was the killer... it was a Mangler.... hmmm that's pretty close to Maglor isn't it?  I wonder....

Raider Essentials / Monk AA
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:09:37 AM »
As a monk almost maxed at 7200AA, I often get asked: which AA are important for monks?  Well, as usual, the answer is: it depends.

Monk AA is split into three catagories: Offensive (DPS), Defensive (Survivability), and Pulling.  As you progress, you're going to have to work on all three.  Even if you're primarily a raiding monk, and you figure DPS is you main function, you still need to live through the fight's AEs, occasionally offtanked add, etc.
Here I have a three tables of monk AA: critical, very high, and high priority.  All the AAs not listed may still be important, but not as important as the ones listed here.  This will easily take you into 2000+ AA.  Which order you get the critical ones is up to you, but I'd finish or get close to finishing everything critical before moving onto the next table.


Monk AA Name                        Type      Group/Raid      Notes
AmbidexterityDPSG/RWe dual wield, make no mistake
Combat Agility 18DEFGUp to 18 is critical, drops off after this
Combat Stability 18DEFGUp to 18 is critical, drops off after this
Critical MendDEFG/RHealing 50% of HPs is nice
Extended CrystalpalmDPSROne of two main burns
Extended Speed FocusDPSROne of two main burns
Fists of SteelDPSG/RUsually not a big fan of procs, but it's often and so good it makes 1HB useless on a monk
Hastened DeathPULG/RFade every 30s
Hastened MendDEFG/R Mend every 30 seconds!
Heightened AwarenessDEFG
Imitate DeathPULG/ROur fade
Innate Run SpeedPULG/R
Moving MountainsPULG/RIncredibly nice pull/split tool
Natural DurabilityDEFG/RMust for any class
Planar DurabilityDEFG/R3% of 60k is almost 2k!
Planar PowerDPS/DEFG/RJust do this
Purify BodyDEFRCures anything, including "that pull" from the Avatar
Rapid FeignPULG/RWhen FD fails, you'll wish you put points here
Rapid StrikesDPSG/RPure quickness
Shielding ResistanceDEFRThis allows you to wield in secondary against nasty DS
StonewallPULGFD through spells
Unflinching ResolvePULGStun from behind when pulling = death
Weightless StepsPULG/RRun 8 more or less

Very High:

Monk AA Name        Type      Group/Raid      Notes
Armor of WisdomDEFGAC boosts never bad when tanking
Combat Agility 32DEFG/RContinue to work this upward
Combat FuryDPSG/RCriticals
Combat Stability 32DEFG/RContinue to work this upward
Discordant DefianceDEF/PULG/RResist stuff more often, live longer
Extended IngenuityDPSG/RSo self-buffs last longer... but more importantly, so does Zan Fi!  Huge boost!
General Sturdiness 20DEFG/RAdd some HPs to the mix
Grappling StrikeUTIG/RVery handy positioning tool (think: High Priest in Sarith)
Hastened Purification of the BodyDEFRFor those repeating status ailments
Hastened Stunning KickDPSG/RThis, plus Masters', lowers re-use from 60 to 9 seconds.
Infusion of ThunderDPSG/RPerfect for use with Speed Focus/td]
Kick MasteryDPSG/RSo much of monkly DPS is tied to the kicks...
Masters' Hastened CombinationDPSG/RThis plus Hastened Stunning Kick lowers Stunning Kick to 9 seconds
Physical EnhancementDEFG/RPretty simply, helps everything defensive
Return KickDPSGRiposte fires often, extra Flying Kicks never hurt
Second SpireDPSG/RPerfect little 10min refresh boost
Sinister StrikesDPSG/RSweet passive boost
Stunning KickDPS/DEFG/RIf the mob is stunnable, greatly lowers the mobs' DPS output, so it's both DPS and DEF!
TwinprocDPSGFor those who like to see procs
Zan Fi's WhistleDPSG/R30% DPS boost when active, see also Extended Ingenuity

Monk AA Name        Type      Group/Raid      Notes
Burst of PowerDPSG/RTake triple attack all the way to 500 skill!
Combat Agility 45DEFG/RFinish it off
Combat Stability 45DEFG/RFinish it off
Dreamlike MightDPSG/RRaw Strength
Earthern BrawnDPSG/RRaw Strength
Enhanced AggressionDPSG/RParses show this is not as useful as you'd think; get the STR first
Extended Impenetrable DisciplineDEF/PULG/RYou'll thank me one day, when Furro asks you to "tank those four until the tanks get in there"
Five Point PalmDPSG/RThis provides a nice little kick every so often
General Sturdiness 25DEFG/RFinish it off
Mystical Attuning 8UTLRFor hybrids, this is real important; but we usually have plenty of room for buffs
Punch MasteryDPSG/RGet this nearly last; sounds weird, but only affects some special attacks
Technique of Master WuDPSG/RThis fires often at the end, and helps enough!
Veiled StrengthDPSG/RRaw Strength
Veteran's WrathDPSG/R

Ok, while this isn't perfect... it's not a bad start.  Feel free to post your own thoughts here, tell me if I missed a big one, or send a /tell in game!

Freelance Ramblings / Order of Three in disorder
« on: September 20, 2012, 11:47:55 AM »
Freelance Raids post first win of current expansion content (Veil of Alaris) in its final tier (T4) on September 19, 2012.

CITY OF BRONZE -- Freelance raids, lead by the incomparable Furro, accomplished a feat few open raid teams, much less guilds, have: a victory in the final tier of latest Everquest expansion, Veil of Alaris.  "Order of Three," which is a bit oddly named since there are really four towers and four mini bosses, became quite the zone of disorder after Freelance rolled through on September 19, 2012.

"Wow.  Hot stuff," said noted Main Assist and ranger Minisca.  "This is really big."

Really big indeed.

Other Freelance members were just as speechless.  "OMG," said iksar tank Theoli, meaning "Oh my God" in popular texting short term.  It is unknown if he was referring to his particular God, Cazic-Thule, or just the gods in general.

As for Furro, it was business as usual.  "Huev, can you do loot?"

The big winners of the night were druid killer extraordinaire Darkenvoid and mistell maven Kotsukai, who both took home new wrist armors (aka Ostentatious Wristwraps of Ryken).  Fintank (likely a warrior, given his name) covered his mug in a new Mask of the Carnifex, while magician Fenay (who also answers to "rod, please") took home the ring Rule.  Shadowknight Endotron (no relationship to the Transformers) now wields the 2-hand slasher Hathor, Scythe of Punishment, and Camaden finished off some cultural armor with a Shifting Sphere of Veiled Ascension.

However, probably the most relieved and proud winner was Dimbly the halfling druid, who finally picked up a Glowing fragment earlier in the night so he can buff the raid in style.  "MGB Skin for eveyrone, because I can," he said.

Freelance Ramblings / Rain of Fear Features
« on: September 13, 2012, 11:02:44 AM »

In a wonderful epic battle of multiple tactics, strategies, having no buffs, looking like zombies, begging for mod rods, jumping out windows, hugging totems and passing books where anything could go wrong... something did.

We couldn't hold up the Avatar's corpse despite Clawbar and Mistatk's best efforts in the shot above!  It also looks like Huevos never feeds his dogs, although that's usually one of the ways he gets out of having to do loot. ;)

And yes, Juny, I think we will be doing that again.  Was it really that bad, now that we have it down?  And wasn't it fun as heck?

Freelance raids beats Resplendent Temple, VoA-T3, on 7/13/2012

Freelance Ramblings / The Way to House of Thule Tier 4 is now OPEN.
« on: July 14, 2012, 01:03:07 PM »

Congratulations, Freelance!  The Dreamleech smashed, 7/12/2012.  The way to SS is now open!


Simple Simon met a pieman
Just west of Overthere
Says Simple Simon to the pieman
Let me taste your ware

Says the pieman to Simple Simon
No!  Halflings do not share
Says Simple Simon to the pieman
Then I will beat you bare

So Simple Simon sent three golems
To accost the Freelance fair
But that pieman (he was a wiseman)
Beat them fair and square

Says the pieman to Simple Simon
is that all you dare?
And Simple Simon, after playing Simon (says)
Laid down over there

Freelance trashes Fear Itself, 6/22/2012, on first attempt.

What a weekend for Freelance!  First, we took a little jog over to Miragul's Nightmare, and it appears he may have slipped on an empty pie tin and fallen over...

Needing some fresh air the following evening, we had heard that a goral proclaimed himself the King of the Hill... in pie-eating.  Well, you can imagine how Furro felt about that!  After a battle that Renthor aptly called "epic," a New King topped the hill.

Excellent work Freelance Raiders!  Onward and upward!

Freelance Ramblings / The First Creation has no pie :(
« on: April 22, 2012, 01:26:47 PM »
Freelance raiders take their pie seriously, especially their leader, Furro.  So when we stopped by TFC's pad the other night (after getting by his four lovely ladies), and the TFC wanted pie, you can imagine what happened.

Well, da Furro said no, TFC got all like "screw you bishes" and called for his posse.  The raiders brushed them aside while TFC hid behind his girlies and a barrier.  But eventually, the raiders won through, and TFC learned a valuable lesson:

Halflings never share pie.

Congratulations, Freelance!

(BTW, TFC really needs to work on brushing his teeth... man, that dude needs a dentist, STAT.)

Freelance Ramblings / Freelance has less down time than SOE
« on: April 23, 2012, 11:28:17 AM »
Don't recall the last time Freelance was down for maintenance for entire day, much less a few hours.  And Freelance charges less per month, too.  Seems like we're getting quite a deal!

Of course, the DKP postings are always a little behind, mostly due to a Chatty Cathy... ;)

Freelance Ramblings / A Message for Ms. Panties in a Bunch 2011
« on: March 30, 2012, 10:36:45 AM »
ERUDIN BURNING! (just the way Ssark likes it by the way)

We went in, and after a few false starts messin' with the tunnelin' skellies, we danced with Markus Jaevins (stand still you bastard), and took him out.

It was then time for the winner of "Ms. Panties in a Bunch 2011."  Oh, a wily one, porting around and dispelling buffs, and forcing four of our best to lay about on the roof (ok, we're monks and an SK, maybe it's our best work).  And then... it was time, and we had enough, and like all the rest, down she went.

Congratulations Freelance!

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