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DPS is 1,242,500 plus

Freelance Ramblings / What healer augs should we get
« on: March 02, 2022, 01:06:11 PM »
Freelance what healer augs should a cleric, druid, shaman get at max level ( 120 )?
I have compiled a list of what I think. My question is do we go Hwis / Hint or Hstam for the maximum effect of healing

You can have great gear, but proper augments can give you that extra edge on raids that you need. These are not listed in any particular order, so you may have to sift through to find the ones you need:




* 90 hp, 115 mana, 3 hInt/hWis - Echoing Shriek from Shrieking Death in Cooling Chamber     
* 100 hp, 105 mana, 3 hInt/hWis - Essence Scour from Scour in Pellucid Grotto     
* 100 hp, 130 mana, 4 hInt/hWis - Bloodbound Ruby from Tracker Klarden Valorstriker in Underquarry     
* 100 hp, 140 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Jewel of the Flame Alchemist from Tani The Fire Alchemist in    Kernagir     
* 105 hp, 100 mana, 3 hSta - Shard of Pain from Tratcita the Punisher in Pellucid Grotto     
* 105 hp, 125 mana, 4 hInt/hWis - Patch of Sporali Skin from Blightcap in Arthicrex     
* 110 hp, 130 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Stone of the Sovereign from Hungry Earth in Fungal Forest   
 * 110 hp, 155 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Crystalline Tear from Slag Golem in Volska's Husk    * 35 ac, 75 mana, 6 hWis/hInt - Jewel of the Self from Priestess of the First in Convorteum     
* 100 hp, 135 mana, 5 hInt/hWis - Eye of Rot from Fearsniffer in House of Thule lower   * 115 hp, 160 mana, 6 hInt/hWis - Raze's Brainstem from Raze in The Grounds and No Freedom In Death     
* 125 hp, 170 mana, 7 hInt/hWis - Jyleel's Seal from General Jyleel in Al'Kabor's Nightmare     
* 36 AC, 80 mana, 6 hInt/hWis - Tantarene Gem of Heretical Power from Maggotscalp in Erudin Burning    and The Gardner     
* 37 AC, 90 mana, 7 hInt/hWis - Bloodfeather's Eye from Bloodfeather in Miragul's Nightmare     
* 38 AC, 115 mana, 8 hInt/hWis - Shimmering Heart of the Phantasm from Forest Phantasm in Morell's  Castle

Sliver of Fear
Heart of Rot
Doomscale Gem
Candle of Hollow Souls
Quicksilver Globule
Sacred Prayer Shawl of the Duke
Jyleel's Seal
Afton's August Amethyst
Dahlena's Pommel Gem
Jewel of the Flame Alchemist
Crystalline Tear
Bloodbound Ruby
Stone of the Sovereign
Patch of Sporali Skin
Red Eye of Gosik
The Warden's Glacial Stare
Stone of the Crystal Circle
Double Pronged Grendlaen Incisor
Shimmering Heart of The Phantasm
Eye of Rot
Raze's Brainstem
Tantarene Gem of Heretical Power

These are available via the OMM missions:

Blue Dragon Scale
Crystal Dragon Scale
Gold Dragon Scale

These are available only during the anniversary events:

Gold Nugget of the Eleventh Hour
Polished Stone of the Eleventh Hour
Gem of the Eleventh Scholar
Gem of the Eleventh Seer
Annealed Mana Conductor
Mana Laminated Gear Set
Beveled Mithril Gear Set
Unharnessed Soul Gem
Dislodged Diamond of Blood
Blue Stone of Power
Fragment of Purethought
Issis' Fang (Hardcore Heritage)
Red Dragon Scale (Hardcore Heritage)

This last set have no Hwis on them. I am posting these simply because they help with our functionality as a healing class:

Anomolous Rock of Alteration
Tome of Manipulation
Helping Hand

If anyone has anything to add or suggestions, please let me know. I will be happy to edit the post accordingly. I hope this helps!

Beastlord / Re: Beastlord guides
« on: October 25, 2020, 09:36:56 PM »

can we get a pet buff line up too

Beastlord / Re: Beastlord guides
« on: October 25, 2020, 09:35:22 PM »
ok so with the last patch group pact of the wolf from shamans was turned into an aura, 75% haste, see invis, ultra vision, 10,000 hp, mana, end..
however it blocks the bst pact of the wurine.. 35% accuracy, 56% move speed, 7,500 hp, mana, 110 mana regen.

group pact of the wolf only has 2,500 more hp, mana, enr more but we lose 35% accuracy and 110 mana regen, i blocked group pact of the wolf asap on dulcy the accuracy lose and 110 mana regen lose is not worth the 2,500 hp/mana... the haste is also moot as chanter haste will snag you at 225% anyways.

edit, tested out some bst skills to check with stacking, bestial savagery overwrites the accuracy from PotW but stacks with it. so we would still lose the 110 mana regen, 2,500 hp,mana, 10,000 end
but a lose of 110 mana regen does not seem worth it (bst dont use jack for endr so that 10,000 might as well not even be counted)

Thanks for the update, Krinni. :)

can we get a Pet line-up too please

Shaman / Re: Shaman guides (TOV)
« on: August 17, 2020, 05:26:49 AM »
I am having troubles with VP and AE vp, can u suggest or take a pic of your AE and VP hotkeys

Necromancer / Read
« on: May 24, 2020, 11:47:16 PM »

My computer crashed and doing hotkeys all over again to get my Necro back to like I had him

How do I set up slow hotkey

So far I have

Line 1: /alt act 751 (sent of Terri's thule)
Line 2; /pause 40, /alt act## (Burning bones AA)
Line 3: /pause 60, /alt act ## (slow name)
Line 4:
Line 5:

List your hotkeys, fill in number and pauses

How do I make swarm pet hotkey

I want to use: wake the dead, army of the dead, skelly army, and call of bones spell


Necromancer / Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
« on: May 15, 2020, 09:51:22 AM »
Check connection because I can see it on my friend's phone

What is current spell line- up now that they revamped of necro SK dots

Been out of the game for a long while thinking about coming back in game

Necromancer / Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
« on: May 14, 2020, 11:12:03 PM »
SAW this REVAMP on Necro spells Sec to kill mobs !!!!!

so....line up is now
1. Dichotomic Paroxysm/Diss,
2. Pyre of the XXX,
3. Pyre of XXX,
4. Ignite XXX,
5. Pyre of XXX,
6. Ignite Synapses,
7. Inevitable End.

Raid 2 = 8. Polybiad Venom, 9. Bomoda’s Pallid Haze, 10. Glistenwing Venom.
Plant = 8. Effluvium, 9. Liquefaction
Raid 3 = 8. Pyre of the Fereth, 9. Burning Shadow, 10. Smouldering Shadow.
Raid 4 (Rarely get to this) = 8. Grip of Kraz, 9. Mourgis' Decay
Swifts = 8. Mourgis' Swift Decay, 9. Azeron’s Flashblaze, 10. Adalor’s Swift Lifedraw
Add DPS = 11. Call Skeleton Mob, 12. Refute for Blood
Flesh = 11. Flesh to Venom, 12. Flesh to Poison. *These do stack if you apply Venom first, if you have remaining charges on Poison it will remove the buff, so reapplying Venom means you need to reapply Poison as well.*
Nukes (For Gift of Deathly Resolve mainly) = 11. Effluvial Venin, 12. Refute for Blood
Taps (Rarely use these myself) = 11. Soulsiphon, 12. Consume Essence.

Shadow Knight / Re: How to SK
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:52:32 PM »
Thanks !!!

More info

checking to see if my SK hotkey correct, found on boards ... ys.231071/


/Line1 /alt act 822
/Line2 /alt activate 749
/Line3 /cast 8
/Line4 /useitems ( BP from eok)
/g Lots on me...someone grab one!!! My target is << %t >>

DPS Spell burn [1m]
/alt activate 1450 (first spire )
/alt activate 747 (visage of decay)
/pause 18, /alt activate 2034 (gift of the quick spear)
/pause 3, /useitem (Flowing Etheric Soulrender Breastplate)
/timer 600, /cast 7 (Bond)
- All the 1 min. reuse dps stuff combined to make use of some AAs/spells I was neglecting - Excellent!

Discs in order of defensive benefit:
/Alt act 5303 (Dragon Scales Glyph)
/Reaver's Bargain
/Unholy Guardian

/cast## ( skins)
/useitem (Crestra's Empowered Elegant Earring)
/disc (Withstand)

Veil of darkness
/timer 4800, /alt activate 10392 (Ageless Enmity)
/alt activate 854 (Veil of Darkness)
/alt act 1450 (first spire)
/alt act 7019 (Glyph of the Cataclysm).....not sure of ##
/alt activate 6000 (Harm touch)

/disc Deflection Discipline
/disc Unbroken Acrimony

Bash+ -- I tend to mash this one mostly for bash/spear.
/timer 40, /disc Repel
/do 10 (bash key# might vary)
/pause 3, /cast 6 (spear)
/alt act 2018 (Helix of the Undying)
/alt act 826 (Encroaching Darkness) - snare triggers if mob is not undead

Tap (Mash)
/disc Cursed Guardian Effect
/disc Leechcurse Discipline
/cast 1 - Dire
/cast 2 - touch
/cast 3 - Dico / Dissident fang
-- It will cast the best tap available when mashed and ensure disc is used when up. Used when tap tanking.

/timer 60, /disc Repel
/do 9 (disarm key# might vary)
/alt act 650 (Bony Grasp of Death - undead snare)
/alt act 2018 (Helix of the Undying - undead slow)
/alt act 826 (Encroaching Darkness) - triggers if mob is not undead

/timer 70, /stand
/disc Repel (in case something wants to beat on me when I get up)
/alt activate 531 (instant invis)
--- I also just hit this when I want Repel in a fight for extra defense or just need Invis.

/timer 1200, /disc Repel
/pause 6, /alt activate 7756 (Death's Effigy)
/disc Rigor Mortis Rk. II
/alt activate 428 (Death Peace)
/disc Terminal Breath Rk. III
--use the best available FD option - 2 min timer to show time on instant fade.

Hate Step
/timer 130, /disc Repel
/alt act 10395 - Bobbing Corpse (just in case)
/alt activate 824 - hate step
/alt activate 531 - invis

HA Pull - HA single pulling with FD/fade and stand and snare. -- not as useful after HA nerf.
/timer 1200, /alt activate 9400 - HA
/pause 6, /alt activate 7756 - FD (Effigy)
/disc Repel
/alt act 826 (Encroaching Darkness)

Pet Attack - Go Boner and friends!
/timer 100, /stance Balanced (just to make sure merc is activate)
/pause 7, /alt act 3816 (Companion's Relocation)
/pet attack
/alt act 3822 (Chattering Bones)
/useitem 24 15 (Vicious Rabbit, if Chattering Bones is down)

Hate (Mash) - Non-damaging Hate build-up key without taunt
/timer 20, /cast 8 (terror)
/cast 9 (Demand for Power)
/cast 10 (Torrent of Misery)
/alt act 2018 (Helix of the Undying) -- hotkey rarely gets down this far but just in case...
/alt act 826 (Encroaching Darkness)

1 Min. Taunt - My Super Taunt aggro key (1 min reuse)
/timer 600, /bandolier Activate Tanking (1H+Shield)
/alt act 732 (Mindless Hatred)
/alt act 9400 (HA)
/disc Repel
/g Tanking %T

10 Min Taunt - My 2nd Super Taunt aggro key (10 min reuse)
/timer 6000, /disc Unflinching Acrimony
/do 3 (taunt)
/alt act 10392 (ageless)
/disc Repel
/rsay <> Tanking %T

VoD/Tv - Melee Burn
/timer 7200, /alt act 9403 (Visage of Death)
/alt act 742 (Tvyl's Resolve)
/disc Carmine Blade
/disc Reflexive Rancor
/disc Lacerating Blade

Epic+ [5m] - use epic, torrent of hate bp, Juju
/pause 10, /useitem 24 0 (epic in first slot of 2nd bag)
/pause 10, /useitem 24 14 (Breastplate of Wailing Hatred)
/timer 3000, /do 10 (bash)
/g SK Epic Active! (1min 50 sec)
/useitem 24 8 (Terror's Juju)

Quick Spear - Direct Damage Spell Burn - cast lifetap then spear, repeat...
/timer 6000, /disc Unholy Aura
/alt act 747 - Visage of Decay
/alt act 1278 - Soul Flay
/alt act 2034 - Gift of the Quick Spear
/alt act 1450 - 1st Spire

Bash-U -- Bash Burn -- mash the Bash button to use the effect from Unholy Guardian.
/pause 2, /disc Unholy Guardian Discipline Rk. III
/timer 7200, /stopdisc
/do 10 (bash)
- Use only if you are not going to need Unholy Guardian for the defense.

DoTs! - DoT Spell Burn - load up 4-5 dots for this one.
/timer 9000, /alt act 746 - Reinforced Malaise
/alt act 747 - Visage of Decay -- if not already used
/alt act 1450 - 1st Spire -- if not already used
/alt act 6000 (Harm Touch - not sure if HT DoT effect is focused but what the heck)
/useitem 24 10 (Circle of Power clicky)

Purify (Mash)
/pause 2, /tar Wyvern
/timer 10, /alt act 2031 (Purity of Death)
/pause 12, /useitem 24 12 (Shield of the Immaculate)
/assist main
/xtarget target 1

(Rest) Buff-1 - Rest disc + permanent buffs
/disc Rest Rk. III
/useitem 23 4 (Stormeye Band)
/pause 7, /useitem 8 (backitem Spikes ds)
/pause 17, /useitem 23 5 (Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch)
/pause 7, /useitem 23 6 (Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem)

Buff-2 (Long) - long duration clicky buffs
/pause 52, /useitem 23 7 (Familiar of the Hooded Scrykin)
/pause 7, /useitem 23 8 (Violet Conch of the Tempest)
/timer 300, /alt act 10395 - Bobbing Corpse
/pause 7, /useitem 9 (The Chiefs Influence)
/useitem 23 10 (Nimbus of Frost)

Buff-3 (Short) --- Short buffs: Skin, stance, etc.
/pause 32, /cast 4 (skin)
/pause 17, /cast 5 (stance)
/pause 7, /useitem 23 11 (Geomantra)
/pause 32, /useitem 23 12 (Lizardscale Plated Girdle)
/timer 1800, /useitem 23 13 (Fabled Ball of Clay)

Voice (Self)
/timer 3000, /target Wyvern
/pause 2, /alt act 7000 - VoT -- be nice if this was changed to self only (non targeted), other tanks don't need our help with aggro.
/assist main
/assist raid
/xtarget target 1

Items need to get after completion of Expansion ( TOV)
My F2P SK clickies:

Misc Buffs:
Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem - ac buff
Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch - (ac, hp, mana/end, etc)
Lizardscale Plated Girdle - haste
The Chief's Influence - hp buff does not stack with some other class buffs (but useful most of the time for me).
Orb of Duskmold - mini cleric buff if you don't have a merc/cleric.

Defensive Buffs:
Diplomatic Papers (15th Anniv task)
Fabled Ball of Golem Clay

Innoruuk's Dark Blessing - epic 2.x
Duskbringer's Plate Chestguard of the Hateful- mini epic
Miniature Horn of Unity - spell shield / damage shield + hp/mana/end regen (15th Anniv task)
Overflowing Urn of Life - heal+

Damage Shield:
Memento of the Ungod's Suffering spell damage + ds (slot 9)
Violet Conch of the Tempest - ac + ds: does not stack with zombieskin. 77ac 13ds or 80ds
Stormeye Band - DS
Nimbus of Frost - small damage shield (slot 9)

Reverse Damage Shield:
Terror's Juju - reverse damage shield
Ghoulskin Shield - lesser version of Juju clicky
-- these overwrite each other, but have different timers.

Offensive Buffs:
Breastplate of Wailing Hatred - group attack buff
Symbol of Vivace; CoP 2
Rage of Rolfron; CoP 4

Damage Clickies:
Necromantic Dragon Bone - lifetap (16th Anniv task)
Bottled Essence of Vex - AE Nuke (15th Anniv task)

(Non-Prestige Situational & Odd-Ball Clickies)
Velious Snowball - pacify
Curious Companion Compactor - pet shrink
Brick of Knowledge - POK Gate (9th Anniv Quest)
Drunkard's Stein - POK Gate (16th Anniversary)
Cleansing Rod - cure (16th Anniversary)
Shield of the Immaculate - cure disease
Cloth Cap -- pet swarm, help Mages with Many xx spells
Preserved Chokidai Vocal Cords - make pet talk
Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer
-- Shrink: lots of choices, illusion or other ways to shrink. Not going to expand on this area. (other items like food/drink clickies etc)

Special Items:
Darkened Sebilite Scale Belt - 1k dd process
Darkened Sludged Girdle - cripple process
Darkened Cone of the Mystics - upgrade for ALEX
Aged Left Eye of Xygoz - no damage tanking
Darkened Journeyman's Walking Stick -- new upgrade to tash stick (Malosenia)
Journeyman's Walking Stick - tash
Corrupted Hammer of Consternation - HS hammer (new quest)
Fabled Willsapper - slow
Worker Sledgemallet - gate hammer
Very Small Stone Tear

**if something wrong Copy / paste new below**

Shadow Knight / Re: How to SK
« on: November 21, 2019, 02:27:00 PM »
What older type 3 aug do you recommend I keep

I have like you 6 life tapes loaded for raid taping, is this correct? I don't have spear loaded for raid tanking.

Edit " I use the TDS rune proc aug in my 1 hander, does Ascending Sun Bastard Sword 1HS  ID: 161162" " Stack with each other

Shadow Knight / Re: How to SK
« on: November 16, 2019, 12:49:18 AM »
my line up

) Touch of T'Vem
2) Spear of Tylix
3) Dire Testimony
4) Touch of Lutzen
5) Touch of Falsin
6) insidious denial
7) Dissident Fang
8) Terror if you need it (grouping), otherwise Bond of Xalgoz
9) stance if you need it, otherwise plague of hemofax
10) blood of drakus
11) Tylix's Skin
12) refute for power
13) Concordant Disruption

Necromancer / Slowing Necro style
« on: October 23, 2019, 01:53:52 AM »
Freelance members,
My computer crashed and doing hot keys all over again to get my Necro back to like I had him

How do I set up slow hotkey

So far I have

Line 1: /cast ## ( combust bones )
Line 2; /alt act;751 (sent of Terri's)

Is this all I need

List your hotkeys

Shaman / Re: Shaman guides
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:49:02 AM »
Dont forget to MGB ancestral aid =D pair it with 3rd spire

having troubles setting up hotkey for this, can give example

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